Labor shortage will lead to more automation and responsible teens



Ahead of the Independence Holiday, it was announced that miners can temporarily work up to 50 hours a week to help fill the labor shortage New Jersey is currently experiencing this summer (click here for the full story) .

Whatever the reason people don’t want to go back to work, it’s going to encourage companies to move even faster towards automating their operations and using minors. Here are my thoughts on it.

On the one hand, if you are someone who chooses not to return to work then you have no reason to complain because you are contributing to this lag of minors working beyond 40 hours per week.

I also believe that most children are fine with having the option of working overtime. That’s how I was a teenager, and I’m sure there are a lot of teens today across the state who feel the same way.

It also teaches children about the responsibility and value of making money.

For me, I was able to buy my first car with money that I had saved by working over the years as a teenager. I worked as much as I was allowed and was proud of what I had accomplished.

If my two sons were of working age, I would agree 100% on this point. In fact, I would encourage them to work as much as they could, including up to 50 hours per week.

Now remember that this temporary authorization was passed due to a great shortage of workers in the state. This is especially true for our coastal communities and our summer positions.

Think about this: a local beach business couldn’t even find someone to pick up the trash for $ 24 an hour. At this rate, if you work four hours a day, five days a week, that makes $ 480 a week working just 20 hours picking up trash while working outside at the beach. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a really good summer job to me.

And it does not stop there. Some business owners have said people apply for positions but don’t show up for the interview. Of course, this is probably just to show the unemployed that they are looking for work so that they can still collect benefits.

But let’s stay on that for a moment. I recently had my hair cut and my barber was telling me about a client who bragged about earning more on unemployment with all the added benefits he would have if he returned to work, finding it amusing.

courtesy of Amanda Stevens

Unfortunately, I believe this is a big part of the labor shortage. This, of course, helps me explain why companies are going to invest in automation at a much faster rate.

Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ

Now, not everyone would be out of a job when this happened. Those of us who worked during the pandemic or returned to work as soon as we could will not be the ones who will be absent.

It is all of these positions that cannot be filled now with people refusing to come back that will be replaced. And once those extra government benefits are exhausted, those jobs probably won’t be anymore.

And you know who will be the first to complain about the automation takeover? The very ones who now refuse to go home.

Look, I know it’s not everyone because some people have legitimate reasons not to go back to their jobs right now. I’m mainly referring to those like the one my barber knew who choose to do nothing and brag about it.

So those of you who think this is a luxury vacation, take it. At some point, that vacation will end and you won’t have to thank yourself until the technology fills your job and you have nowhere to go.

What about minors who want to work these overtime hours? I say go ahead, you deserve the opportunity.

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