Landsec launches new rental strategy to attract ‘digital native’ retailers

// Landsec unveils new leasing strategy to attract digital native brands
// Landsec said it had successfully tested the new strategy at its Trinity Leeds center

Landsec has launched a new rental strategy to attract “digital native” brands and meet the “fast-changing” needs of retailers.

New and existing occupants will be offered four products designed to provide shorter and more flexible rental terms, reduced upfront fit-up costs to take a unit, and access to customer information and footfall data for its centers .

The offer is made up of four packages: reception; Platform; platform-plus; and projector.

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The home package is aimed at more traditional retail occupiers and includes “bespoke layouts in the most attractive destinations” with leases starting at over 18 months.

The platform also includes bespoke layouts for potential occupants, but on shorter rental terms of between three and 18 months.

Platform-plus is designed to attract digital brands and encourage them to take up physical space in Landsec malls with “very flexible” rental terms ranging from two days to three months.

Spotlight will be for marks “in the common domain” and will span from one day to three years.

Landsec said it had successfully tested the new strategy at its Trinity Leeds center with luxury sneaker retailer Kick Game and gift shop Curated Makers. The new rental strategy will now be rolled out to Bluewater, Kent, in the summer and St David’s, Cardiff, in the autumn.

Head of Private Label Management, Nik Porter, said: “It is no secret that the retail and leisure industry has undergone profound structural changes in recent years and the demands on of physical space have changed dramatically.

A traditional one-size-fits-all leasing model is no longer fit for purpose. Our new products reflect this new reality. There’s something for brands of all shapes and sizes – from digital natives looking to test the waters to established big names looking to inject new energy into their brand experience.

“The product launch supports one of Landsec’s main goals – to focus on key retail destinations, keeping the center’s offering fresh and relevant for customers, as well as brands. This also fits into our new partnership, an insight-driven approach to retail; built on closer, more collaborative relationships with retailers and leisure providers, ensuring we create value for everyone.

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