Local News: Calling Teen Girls (8/9/21)



(Photo Sentinel by Beverly Van Buskirk) Jill Mescher stands in her new teen store, Lily Zita, at 116 Central Ave. NE, Le Mars. Mescher opened the store after finding out there was a buying gap for people over size 16 in the preteen age group.

MARCH ?? There’s a new store in town and it’s just for teenage girls.

Welcome to Lily Zita, which offers clothing, accessories and gifts for juniors at 116 Central Ave. BORN

Owner Jill Mescher also owns Sugar ?? N Spice, a boutique for kids and tweens.

Mescher said she was excited about the new business and explained why she opened another store.

We have found that once our customers have grown out of tween girls clothes, up to a size 16, there really is no place to buy for the teenage girl, for their style, their body type, all that ?? she said.

“We just found a gap between pre-teen shoppers and female shoppers and where teens need to shop, so we created that space for them. ?

Mescher said the idea to open another store came quickly.

?? Honestly, if you had asked me six months ago, I would have had no idea I would do this, ?? she said.

She said she found a space and wanted to do it.

?? I told Mary Reynolds at the bedroom office that I was thinking of opening another store. She told me about the grant opportunity and I tried to win a grant in the state of Iowa to grow my business. I ended up not going very far with that ??? she said.

This competition was the Main Street program ?? s ?? Open 4 Business ?? competetion. Mescher was declared a local winner and received $ 500. At that time, she said she was looking to further develop her business on a local downtown idea.

?? But this idea was still in my head, ?? she said.

?? Once I found that space I just started ordering some clothes and it was going really, really good, so I just decided, let’s do it and see what happens ,? ? she said.

The location is the old Habitué Cakes area.

Merscher said the teens have definitely found his shop.

We grew up organically, just word of mouth. The people of the glacier discovered us ??? she said.

Merscher said the store has a great mix of athletic and comfortable clothing, as well as items teens need for special occasions, like dresses.

?? It’s really cool and laid back here, ?? she said.

In addition to clothing, it offers accessories such as jewelry, handbags, purses, mini backpacks and other gift items and even candy.

?? We have a lot of jewelry, which makes great gifts, have a line of home spa coming up, gifts for teens, ?? she said. ?? Of course, parents need a place to find gifts. ??

Opening a second store added some challenges to Mescher’s life.

It has been a lot of work. Something I’ve never ventured into before is hiring employees. So trying to find employees, figuring out payroll, and stepping into the employer’s realm as a business owner was a great learning experience? she said.

While she’s figured out most things on her own, she also has other business friends that she can consult with with questions.

Mescher feels lucky to have found the location.

?? It was just the perfect size, smaller, quaint, and just enough for teenage girls, ?? she said.

?? I have fun too. I have my Instagram wall. Girls love to take pictures near this wall. We’re having fun with neon lights and I have a cute retro collage in the dressing room, a nice backdrop for the photos too, ?? Mescher said.

Mescher also has a strong social media presence.

?? We make videos for Instagram, on Instastory. They last 24 hours. People can click on our profile and it shows up. We show fit sessions, what’s new in the store, what’s new, colors. I think this is good,?? she said.

In addition, Mescher and his eldest daughter are making a live video on what’s new for the week and other topics.

Currently, the store is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

It’s manageable for me. I also have friends and family who help me. Can’t wait to extend the hours, ?? she concludes.



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