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A new clothing line seeks to inspire others.

Jamar Ross, 23, launched his clothing brand, Be The Motivation (BTM), on November 13, 2021.

“We’re a clothing brand for the active lifestyle,” Ross said. “I am excited and very happy with the way business is going.

“There have been ups and downs, but it’s about staying disciplined and knowing what comes with the process.”

Ross is from Lorain and graduated from Lorain High School in 2016.

“I’ve been training non-stop since I graduated from high school and I meet a lot of people who notice that they don’t have the determination to train themselves,” he said. declared. “The brand embodies what it means to motivate yourself and not have to rely on someone else or outside forces to do so.”

The brand is strictly e-commerce, Ross said.

Be The Motivation (BTM) aims to inspire people to take initiative in their own lives. (Courtesy of Ross)

“My goal is to be a global brand,” he said. “I don’t aspire to own a storefront because I wanted to stay in e-commerce and be able to take the brand anywhere and advertise everywhere.”

Ross said he was inspired to start the brand after shopping for sportswear.

“When I put the clothes on, I realized how I felt and what it made me look like,” he said. “It made me want to perform better and work harder, so I wanted to offer that to others.”

Ross said he believes motivation has to go deeper than the surface.

“I stay motivated and on track with my goals by keeping in mind the kind of person I want to be,” he said. “When I stay focused on the future, I can keep moving forward.”

He said he wanted others to look good while they felt better.

“When people put my clothes on, I want them to look and feel good,” Ross said. “I believe looking good brings positive energy and ultimately helps us move on to the next step of the day.

“I want people to see the purpose of the brand and apply it to their own lives to be who they want to be.”

Ross said he wanted to connect with his community through BTM.

“I always try to sponsor local events and be there because I want my brand to have that strong foundation where I’m from,” he said. “We’re going to be doing a lot more personal expansion, as well as in the community, as we continue to grow.”

For more information or to purchase BTM, visit btmactive.com.


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