Man convicted of aggravated murder in 2019 gunshot death of Middletown man


Kyles visited a Middletown home on the night of October 12, 2019 and robbed and killed Stewart in a conspiracy that had been talked about for weeks, prosecutors said at the trial. Kyles confessed to detectives during questioning.

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Kyles maintained his innocence.

“I am innocent and I apologize to my mother,” Kyles told the judge.

Three of Stewart’s family told the judge that “Mikey” was a funny and loving father to two young sons who are not fatherless.

At trial, the defense argued that Kyles was a “patsy” to take responsibility for those who actually conspired to rob Stewart.

Prosecutors said Stewart, 35, was a member of the “Blood” gang and that Kyles and the co-defendants were “Crips” who planned to “lick” or steal money and marijuana from Stewart.

Assistant District Attorney Kraig Chadrick pointed out that even upon conviction, Kyles takes no responsibility for his actions and he has killed to become a member of a higher level gang.

“In Cameron Kyles’ world, life has no value. The value of a human being is zero to him, what matters is whether you are a member of his gang or if you are a member of another gang. What matters to him is what he has to do to show he’s tough. He’s someone, it’s the position of the state that poses a threat every day he finds himself in society, ”Chadrick said.

Camron Pawlowski, a 16-year-old boy and another teenager spent time at Pawlowski’s residence in Bavarian Woods on October 12, smoking marijuana and talking about the theft, the evidence shows. After picking up Kyles, they drove over to Stewart’s, parked in the alley, and sent the youngest of the four to make a purchase and see if anyone else was in the house.

Then Kyles entered the house with a gun, shots were fired, and Kyles ran out as Stewart died, grabbing money and a bag of marijuana. They returned to the Bavarian Street residence where Kyles took a shower and put his clothes in the washing machine. The gun, which Middletown Police found, was left in the woods near the residence wrapped in a white shirt, prosecutors said.

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The teens divided the money from the theft and bloodstained dollar bills were found in Kyles’ possession.


A memorial to the Ninth Avenue residence of Michael Stewart II who was shot and killed on October 12. Three teenagers are charged with his homicide. LAUREN PACK / STAFF

A young boy pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to the Ohio Department of Youth Services until his 21st birthday.

Pawlowski, 17, tried as an adult, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, aggravated burglary and having disabled guns with gang and gun specifications. A fourth person in the car has not been charged.

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