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What started out as fun, shiny clothes for a Boston sports fan to wear to games quickly turned into a successful business – “game day fashion at its best,” as its creator puts it.

Danielle Bradley is the owner, creator and designer of Spahkld, through which she creates personalized clothing and accessories for the wives, girlfriends and families of professional athletes.

“Today I have a custom sweatshirt I’m making for Olivia, who is Joe Burrow’s girlfriend,” Bradley said.

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Danielle Bradley works on SPahklDclothes.

The Topsfield resident, a mother of three, is first and foremost a fan, so she also fills fan orders from time to time. What she likes about the process is the fashion.

“The more personalized it is, the flashier it is, the trendier it is, the better,” Bradley said.

“Mel The Clothing” fashion designer Melissa Stern designed a sweatshirt with Tom Brady’s face in sequence, and she shares with Derek Zagami the creation of a shirt for Julian Edelman’s daughter.

Her business then exploded by word of mouth after a personalized order, she said.

“Some of the wives of Boston Red Sox players in 2018 got wind and fair, like… it totally blew up,” she said.

Bradley has also worked with the families of Patriots players, including Stephon Gilmore’s wife. And she worked with the fiancée of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“It went from a few Swarovski crystal rhinestones on a hat to all those personalized items. I didn’t know I could do it but I never said no, I just kept learning myself as I went. “she said.

Bradley said she plans to open a separate store, but working from home allows her to be a mom while realizing her passion.


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