Meet Ucheoma Amadi, creative designer with a unique clothing line


Some people have to wait a lifetime to discover their true purpose in life. But for talented designer Ucheoma Amadi, founder of Fairy Gorgeous Enterprise, that moment came when life presented her with an opportunity while she was still looking for a job.

Since then, the young entrepreneur has pursued her passion and turned it into a profitable clothing company through her hard work, perseverance and creative prowess.

“I developed my fashion skills alongside while looking for a job that would allow me to earn big, live the life of a little girl and still be motivated to impact my world,” she says. .

“After going through so much training and gaining so many skills, I came home one day and had a chat with a friend from my neighborhood and realized that I had what people wanted and that I I was busy chasing shadows. Then I decided to go for it and share my knowledge,” she adds.

Today, as a designer, his creativity and style have become highly sought after.

The young entrepreneur and Glory Okenwa – his co-founder raised about 500,000 Naira from their savings to start the business.

The company currently has five full-time employees and several part-time employees who are hired when the need arises.

Since starting the business, Fairy Gorgeous Enterprise has grown steadily and branched out into training and mentoring.

“We have our physical space where we do our production, training and most of our consulting,” she says.

The microbiologist-turned-entrepreneur says the company sources tissue locally.

The young entrepreneur notes that the company plans to acquire a larger workspace to accommodate more students in short-term training.

She adds that her company also plans to launch an online showroom for its customers. “We are currently working on securing and developing a larger space, to accommodate more students and create more jobs. We are also working on our online platform to serve our virtual customers.

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In the long term, she says Fairy Gorgeous plans to open outlets in other major cities across the country to expand its business.

Speaking on the Nigerian fashion industry, she says opportunities still abound despite it being very saturated, noting that with creativity one can leverage and grow with a start-up business in the space.

Speaking about the main challenges facing her business, she says the high cost of fabrics has remained the biggest hurdle for the business, coupled with funding and brand visibility.

“Like any start-up, we face funding, brand building and visibility challenges.”

“We regularly attend trainings, invite consultants to evaluate us and undergo coaching and mentoring. We are also looking to secure grants and investments in the near future. »

On her advice to other entrepreneurs, she says, “It’s not going to be easy at first, but who said it was supposed to be? After good planning or whatever else you can do, weigh the possible risks involved and reduce the amount you can; just start.

“You don’t need money to start a business. Experience is more valuable in the beginning than financial investments. Evaluate your business from time to time and celebrate your small wins,” she advises.

“Be open to feedback, criticism and mentorship. Everything will be fine,” she adds.


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