Meghan Markle’s extremely expensive outfits make most people laugh at her, study finds



Since Meghan Markle joined the royal family in 2018, she has received a lot of attention. Her personal life and charitable work are often mentioned, as is her designer wardrobe. However, recent research has shown that Meghan’s expensive clothes are more ridiculed than admired.

Meghan Markle | Robert Kamau / GC Images

Meghan Markle is known for wearing expensive clothes

Whenever Meghan is pictured, her outfit is dissected and information about her clothes is posted online. Many people were able to calculate the prices of her fashion items, and the results do not paint a picture of a frugal duchess.

In her first year as a royal, Meghan reportedly spent between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000 on fashion alone. In fact, on a trip to Morocco, she wore over $ 100,000 worth of clothing. For comparison, Kate Middleton only debuted for $ 85,000 worth of new clothes around the same time. It’s also worth noting that Kate was on maternity leave for much of this year.

Nonetheless, last year Meghan has been more private, especially after leaving the royal family in 2020. However, on a recent trip to New York, Meghan once again made news for her beloved wardrobe. For example, she wore clothes worth over $ 7,000 during a visit to an underprivileged school in Harlem. The Daily Mail also reported that she wore nearly $ 40,000 in fashion items while attending the Global Citizen Live festival to promote vaccine equity.

Research shows a lot of people ‘laugh’ at Meghan Markle’s outfits

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Meghan’s fashion might be extravagant, but not everyone reacts positively to her outfits. According to Express, a study by clothing brand Pretty Little Thing found that of 25,000 online reactions to Meghan’s New York City wardrobe, only 34% were “loving.”

The biggest response online was’ laughing ‘at 51% of the online response, while others included’ angry ‘at 12 percent,’ wow ‘at two percent and one percent for’ sad “” noted the outlet.

This corresponds to reports from various media outlets. As IBTimes reported, many people on Twitter criticized Meghan for wearing expensive designer clothes on a trip to promote equality.

Kate Middleton’s outfits got more love

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Pretty Little Thing’s research found that Kate’s outfits tend to be better received by people.

Recently Kate wowed the internet by wearing a $ 5,400 Jenny Packham dress to the James Bond film premiere. No time to die. Shortly after, she wore a purple Emilia Wickstead pantsuit on a trip to Northern Ireland. Most recently, Kate attended the Earthshot Prize while again wearing a $ 5,800 Alexander McQueen dress that she launched 10 years ago.

“The study reveals that the Duchess’s style was very popular this week with 92% of reactions online” liking “her choice of outfits,” Express wrote. Other reactions included ‘laughing’ at three percent, ‘wow’ at three percent, and ‘angry’ at only one percent. “



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