Michael Kors “didn’t dream” of his fashion success | Entertainment News



Michael Kors “didn’t dream”, so he will continue to be successful.

A 61-year-old fashion designer founded his eponymous clothing company 40 years ago and admitted he didn’t expect it to become a global brand.

He told WWD: I was 30, so it’s all relative. “

Cause and her husband Lance Luper spent a summer “revenge trip” to Greece and Italy to complete last year’s COVID-19 blockade and attended a live performance in New York City.

He says, “We do everything. I saw him in the spectacular and exciting Broadway Springsteen. I did Shakespeare in the park the other day. It’s a volatile time, but I think we have a really disgusting excitement and desire to be together. Community – [shows] That’s all, fashion is everything. I know a woman who is happy to be able to put on her heels and go out and change her clothes. “

Michael recently celebrated a 40-year milestone in the industry with a dinner co-sponsored by Lizzie Tissue and Naomi Watts.

” He is very funny. The fact that he’s been in business for 40 years, especially in this company, is a significant achievement, ”Tissue said.

Michael Kors “didn’t dream” of his fashion success | Entertainment News

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