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– Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs

Izzy Walden claps her teacher Kirby Smith after walking the track on Monday afternoon.

Lights were dimmed, music played and preschoolers strutted down the track Monday afternoon at the Early Childhood Center.

Preschool classes of Andrea Pavik, Kirby Smith and Ann Moenck recently completed their unit learning all about clothing and celebrated everything they learned by modeling their personalized tie-dye shirts for friends and family .

Pavik said they’ve learned all about clothing since January.

“We do the study where we sort of answer questions about clothing, but we also link academic concepts that we teach throughout the year, like counting, organizing data, and recognizing patterns. letters”, she says. “We answered questions such as how we take care of our clothes. So the kids had an experiment where they could wash clothes on a washboard with different types of soap to see what would work best. We took the kids upstairs to the school washer and dryer and they learned how to do laundry. We have read books about how people did laundry long ago.

Pavik said the students learned many different aspects of how the garments work and are made.

– Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs

Westyn Wilson shows off his smart tie-dye shirt and sunglasses as he walks the catwalk at the Early Childhood Center.

“We discovered different types of attachments,” she said. “We talked about how people make clothes and we had a guest visitor show us how to sew. We talked about being fashion designers and they each designed an outfit with their family. We learned where we get clothes, so we talked about a clothing store and what you might see there.

The students were also visited by people wearing special types of clothing.

“We learned about the specifics of clothing and what people could wear to work. We had a father who was a visiting policeman and a father who was a visiting soldier and they came in their uniforms and shared the special features of their clothes,” Pavik said.

At the end of the unit, students brought shirts and were able to dye them in class.

“The children could choose their colors, then we tied the rubber bands according to the pattern they wanted”, Pavik said.

– Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs

Kindergarten student Josiah Clymer smiles to the crowd as he performs at his class’s fashion show.

On Monday afternoon, all three classes were able to show off their shirts at a fashion show for family and friends. The students walked the podium and introduced themselves.

“It was also a big thing for them, public speaking,” Pavik said. “It takes a lot of courage for them to stand in front of a group of people and speak.

Pavik said she and the other teachers do their best to teach students important skills and lessons while making them fun.

“We want to offer interesting topics for children that they see in their daily lives and that are relevant to them”, she says.

– Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs

Preschooler Vivian Joel shows up and shows off the tie-dye shirt she made in class at the Early Childhood Center during their fashion show.

– Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs

Preschool teacher Andrea Pavik welcomes students’ family and friends to the students’ fashion show on Monday afternoon.

– Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs

Preschooler Finn Parcel excitedly hugs his mother, Sheena, after taking part in his preschool classroom’s fashion show.

– Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs

Many parents and friends of preschoolers came to watch their fashion show on Monday afternoon at the Early Childhood Center.

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