Mother of slain Burger King cashier sees suspected killer for first time in court


The mother of a slain Burger King cashier broke down in tears on Thursday when she saw her daughter suspected killer for the first time in a New York City courtroom, as prosecutors revealed chilling new details about the crime.

“She was crying, she couldn’t speak. It was emotionally devastating for her,” said civil attorney Sanford Rubenstein, who represents broken mother Kristie Nieves.


He sat with Nieves in the gallery during Winston Glynn’s arraignment at Manhattan Supreme Court for allegedly shooting dead his daughter, 19-year-old Kristal Bayron-Nieves, during a restaurant robbery in Harlem.

Prosecutor Dafna Yoran said that shortly before the January 9 murder, Glynn, 30, had slipped into an all-black outfit inside a subway station, put on a ski mask and had walked around the fast food joint for half an hour before entering through an employee-only door. around 12:30 p.m.

He reportedly whipped the store manager and a customer before demanding that Bayron-Nieves open the till. He stole about $100 from the first ledger before ordering her to open the second. When she said there was no cash, Glynn allegedly took a step back and punched her in the chest, hitting her lungs and heart, Yoran said.

He returned to the same place on the subway, got back into his usual clothes, threw a cell phone he had stolen from the manager and took off, according to the prosecutor. The next day, he threw the clothes he was wearing during the alleged murder in a dumpster.

Glynn, who is being held without bond, pleaded not guilty Thursday to first-degree murder, first-degree robbery and other charges before Judge Laura Ward.


Glynn was a former franchise employee from Harlem and did not know Bayron-Nieves, an aspiring model who had only worked there for three weeks. The suspected killer, who has a long rap sheet, was living in a homeless shelter, police said.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg released a statement Thursday expressing his condolences to the victim’s family and saying his office would focus on gun crimes.

“Although we can never bring [Bayron-Nieves] or fill the void left in the hearts of her loved ones, this indictment brings us one step closer to securing justice for her and her family,” Bragg said. “New York City is in the midst of a tackling a gun crisis and gun crime with important prosecutions like these is my office’s top priority. »

Bayron-Nieves was not supposed to be on the schedule this Saturday night, her mother previously told Fox News Digital. “She wasn’t feeling well, but her manager told her to come in,” Nieves had said.

The teenager was afraid to work late due to the number of homeless people there and the lack of security, her mother said.

“It’s a nightmare that I never thought I would have to live with, and I never thought it would happen here in America,” Nieves told Fox News Digital.

Rubenstein said he was preparing a wrongful death lawsuit against Burger King.


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