Mountain bike apparel start-up launches line of sustainable apparel


Mountain bike clothing startup Norman has unveiled its first line of sustainable, ethically produced clothing that combines “support and utility with a modern minimalist aesthetic”.

Co-founders Jacinta and Charlie Timmins said they started the brand after identifying a gap in the market for sustainable, ethically made mountain bike clothing that makes wearers feel comfortable on and off the mountain. bike.

The range includes locally handcrafted technical t-shirts, shorts and long sleeve jerseys, using ethically sourced fabrics, such as a highly functional poly-nylon blend made from plastic recycled ocean.

“It was a no-brainer to only use sustainable, ethically made materials and local manufacturers,” Jacinta explained. “We have developed high quality, environmentally friendly technical riding gear that you can wear on horseback and then to the pub.”

In addition to using eco-friendly fabrics as the material for its garments, the brand also offers repair services on all of its products to help reduce industrial waste and promote conscious consumption.

“Norman was founded on the principle that function, style and environmental awareness need not be mutually exclusive. We wanted to give runners the option; an opportunity to purchase equipment that is both technically efficient and, above all, environmentally friendly,” added Jacinta.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company has also partnered with Keep it Cool, a Snowy Mountains-based nonprofit that works to offset carbon emissions through tree planting. community.

Norman’s line of durable cycling apparel is available at SRP between $89.95 and $139.95 online.


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