Moviebook’s CSAI Solution Facilitates Digital Transformation of Retail Industry


Moviebook Launches China’s First Digital Business Content Generation Solution, Dramatically Improving Retailers’ Ability to Digitize Business Content

BEIJING, January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Moviebook, a leading AI-based service provider, recently released its latest solution for generating digital business content Moviebook Generative AI Digital Twin of Commodities and Services Studio (CSAI), responding to the needs of the retail industry to create digital scenarios. and manage complex business logic. CSAI Moviebook provides strong technical support for the continued growth of the industry.

The solution enables global brands and retailers to effortlessly create and distribute digital and interactive business content, dramatically reducing the time it takes to produce digital business content, delivering a whole new user experience while dramatically reducing costs and improving increasing efficiency.

CSAI Moviebook is from China first technical solution to the production of digital business content, extending generative AI + digital twin technologies to the business sector through an innovative approach. Powered by two sublayers, namely those of Moviebook Digital Twin Automatic Engine (ADT) and his digital factory, CSAI can quickly generate visualized and interactive digital versions of products based on physical products, and create personalized digital representations of humans as well as a fully digital version of a marketplace, in a move that fundamentally changes business logic and consumer experience.

As a new method of producing digitized products, Moviebook CSAI can support large-scale automated extraction of key characteristics of physical products, generate visualization data, create visualization models and ultimately form digital twins of their physical counterparts, assigning digital characteristics such as visualization, interactivity, immersion and personalization to physical products, then converting the physical products and their properties into a digital information stream that can be broadcast within the ‘Digital Economy.

CSAI Moviebook provides an innovative production-marketing relationship and model that forms a dynamic product-centric digital business ecosystem integrating experience, insight and decision-making, then evolves into a whole new source of business content. Brands and retail platforms can quickly create multidimensional interactive marketing platforms, virtual stores, tens of thousands of product images and programmable product models after easily generating ‘realistic’ quality visuals, with product attributes, as well as general application scenarios. The data shows that the company’s digital commodities dataset has already reached the level where it has started to take shape as an ecosystem of editable, iterative and deliverable digital business content operating in real time.

CSAI Moviebook has opened the door to unprecedented opportunities in retail and dramatically reduced costs and increased efficiency. A major brand of household appliances has already launched a series of digital services made possible by Moviebook, from real-time rendering of tens of thousands of product visuals for its global online shopping center to the creation of virtual stores, digital shopping guide services and AI videos for new products, taking advantage of what digitization can offer in the creation of the products themselves, research and development, digital management, digital marketing and after-sales services. The data shows that, ideally, retailers who deploy CSAI Moviebook can increase the average scale of transactions by 50%, the average spend per customer by about 30%, reduce product returns by 80%, while shortening the average sales cycle by 30%.

“Connecting with consumers becomes more and more emotionally difficult as the contact between a brand and consumers shrinks. Moviebook’s Digital Business Manager said, “Moviebook CSAI provides buyers with a highly enhanced, immersive interactive experience and in so doing, reduces the time buyers believe it takes to make a purchasing decision. We expect Moviebook’s enterprise digital content generation solution to be the cornerstone of the next retail model. “

CSAI Moviebook is a revolutionary visual business framework for AI that greatly simplifies the viewing and digitization of business content, increasing productivity and the ability to stand out from the competition. The modular design and flexible scalability of the framework allows brands and retail platforms to use custom tools and interfaces to easily create visual experiences and interactions based on their own workflows. With the CSAI Moviebook, business content evolves into real-time interactive digitization, addressing the core challenge of the retail industry‘s digitization process, which is of crucial importance.

About Moviebook

Moviebook, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and services, aims to strengthen the monetization capacity of new retail, media, education and culture customers through intelligent vision. Building on technological advantages in the fields of computer vision, computer graphics, among others, Moviebook dramatically improves the efficiency of the production of visual content and innovates in the ways of presenting and interacting with this content. . By applying AI technologies to videos, Moviebook pioneers a wide variety of application scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.

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