Mumbai: the body of a teenage hiker found 7 days after his disappearance | Bombay News


Navi Mumbai: An 18-year-old from Chandivali, who was nowhere to be found since hiking a week ago in the Matheran Hills, was found dead in a gorge at Luiza Point in the region on Sunday.
Matheran Police said the complaint for Nishant Gupta’s disappearance was filed on September 26 by his parents, who said he left home the day before to trek in the Matheran Hills. Matheran police have launched a search operation using drones, in view of the thick forests, but the missing teenager still could not be located.
The cops then took help from the Sahayadri Range Rescue Team, who scoured the steep valley using ropes and safety equipment. They searched for over 36 hours but could not find Gupta and canceled the search.
On October 2, a group of local tribes who had traveled to Louisa Point in the valley to graze cattle informed police of a smell emanating from the area. The cops restarted the search operation by summoning the Sahayadri Range Rescue Team again. A decomposed body was found in a throat.
“As the body was completely decomposed, it was identified as Nishant Gupta’s from the clothes he was wearing when he left the house. In addition, his cell phone was found there,” said a police officer. .


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