Must Read: The Row Made Childrendswear, Why TikTok Viral Trends Rarely Come In Plus Sizes



These are the stories making the fashion headlines this Tuesday.

The Row launches a capsule for children
Watch out, Cool Parents everywhere: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have designed a capsule collection of colorful The Row children’s clothing, W exclusively revealed. The pieces, which range in age from 2 to 10 years, are genderless and “devoid of zippers, buttons, laces and anything else that could make the clothes less comfortable,” writes Andrea Whittle. Prices start at $ 390 and go up to $ 790, with proceeds going to children’s charities in New York City, Los Angeles and London, where The Row has stores. {W}

Why TikTok’s viral trends rarely show up in large sizes
Eliza Huber reports on the lack of size inclusiveness in viral TikTok fashion, speaking to creators not only about the products that tend to explode on the platform, but also the issues that tall influencers face, for Refinery29. {Refinery29}

Recho Omondi is the designer turned podcaster who tells the truth about fashion
Shriya Samavai Manian interviewed The cutting room floor‘s Recho Omondi on his education and career, the transition from running a fashion brand to producing a podcast, his thoughts on content and more for Vogue teens. {Vogue teens}

Will New Yorkers wear less black this fall?
The cup‘s Emilia Petrarca shines a light on a new street style trend that challenges (or at least makes New Yorkers reconsider) the typical all-black fall wardrobe: the dopamine walk-in closet – that is, an attraction to bright, cheerful and mood-boosting clothing. {The cup}

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