New York Retail Innovation Store Guide



Whether it’s through new in-store services, expert consultations, or immersive merchandising, New York City retailers are giving consumers new reasons to shop in person. The diversity of approaches that manifests across the city makes it the world’s most important hub for anyone looking for inspiration on the aftermath of the customer experience. Emerging themes in this market include:

  • Store as a scene
  • Sales surfaces and product testing compatible with the technology
  • Personalized consultations
  • Personalization stations
  • A goal-oriented storytelling

Retailers and brands are investing in innovative approaches in New York that will inform their business strategies and inspire those of us fortunate enough to immerse ourselves in retail in New York. Each year, the PSFK innovation research firm produces this guide to the best retail businesses the city has to offer.

Informed by the latest trend research from the PSFK Future of Retail 2021 report, this NYRIW guide gives locals and visitors a new and objective look at the most important stores to visit and experience. Whether you’re visiting New York City or reading this at your desk, we hope this guide provides you with the right stimulus to help you design the best retail experiences of tomorrow.



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