No more trouble for Wang Leehom? Salesperson Caught Lying LIVE About Wang Clothing Brand Item


It seems that when it rains for Wang Leehom, it just rains.

For much of that month, the Mandopop superstar was embroiled in a messy divorce scandal that drew unwanted attention to him and his ex-wife Lee Jinglei, as revelations about his indiscretions and infidelities surfaced.

Photo: IG screenshot / wangleehom

Now hibernating in Taiwan after withdrawing from China, Wang announced on December 20 that he was taking a hiatus from the entertainment business, and Lee posted a letter to Instagram on December 23 hoping to “end to continuing troubles ”.

But Wang’s name has resurfaced again on Chinese social media. And it looks like he didn’t even have to say anything or even lift a finger.

Photo: IG screenshot / wangleehom

It seems that on December 16, a saleswoman on her clothing line, “Descendants of the Dragon” claimed that the embroidery on an outfit he wore to a concert was “very valuable” and had been “cut from antiques.”

She also claimed that he had been purchased “directly from the ‘Suzhou Museum Research Institute’ at a high price.” A piece of embroidery had been cut out to be part of another item of clothing she was selling.

And then, on December 28, the Suzhou Museum posted a clarification on the Weibo social media site about the so-called “antiquity,” denying that such a thing had happened.

Photo: Weibo / Suzhou Museum screenshot

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“Don’t do things that violate the law and discipline. Cultural relics belong to the masses. The museum simply helps everyone to conserve, preserve and research for better convenience. It’s left to the next generation, ”the post read.

He called what the online seller claimed to be false.

“In addition, Suzhou Museum currently has 17 departments, each with its own purpose, but no department is called ‘Suzhou Museum Research Institute’.

“Suzhou Museum is not currently developing any brand cooperation with artists. Thank you for your concern.


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