Old Navy Puff Sleeve Gingham Wrap Mini Dress Review: Photos


You know those chic linen-blend dresses that all the fashion influencers wear for over $200? Yeah, I’m not spending all that on an article I’m going to be venturing into, sweating and partying all spring. I want a cute piece that’s just as stylish, but for a fraction of the price. That’s why I freaked out when I saw this Old Navy Puff-Sleeve Gingham Wrap Mini Dress ($40) — it totally looks like a high-end piece, and the linen-rayon blend of materials looks really dear. Of course, I bought the new arrival and wore it the same week.

What I love about this Old Navy midi dress

The construction and quality of this dress is on par with my investment pieces. As I mentioned, the linen and rayon blend is quite nice and the fit is flattering – I love wrap dresses because you can get an adjustable fit. The puff sleeves have just the right amount of volume, and I still appreciate a dress that I can wear with my favorite white sneakers. I’m also impressed that this piece doesn’t wrinkle all day, as is usually the case with this type of fabric. It comes in sizes XS-4X; I wear a large, which is the size and what I would usually wear.

What occasions is this Old Navy midi dress ideal for?

I wear this dress with sneakers for a fun Saturday lunch and drinks at a brasserie, but you can also wear this dress formally with white heeled sandals. It would be perfect for a nice dinner, wine tasting or party. That’s one of the great things about this dress: it’s pretty versatile. I love how it looks with a denim jacket.

Would you recommend this Old Navy midi dress?

Not only would I recommend it, but I’ve already convinced my friend to buy it. The fit, quality and style are ideal for sunny spring and summer days. For only $40, I’ll probably buy it in another color because I wear it so often.


Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ken Ferrando

Puff Sleeve Waist-Defined Gingham Mini Wrap Dress Old Navy

Puff Sleeve Waist-Defined Gingham Mini Wrap Dress Old Navy

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