Palace Arts will close its last point of sale


After more than 70 years in business, Palace Art & Office supply will close its last point of sale in Capitola in early 2022, said COO Mark Rispaud.

The company will focus on its Palace Business Solutions division, which sells office supplies to businesses, school districts and municipalities.

“This is a successful end of the business, and it will continue,” said Rispaud.

The company is going public early to warn its 20 employees so its customers won’t be surprised by a sudden shutdown, he said.

The announcement came after declining sales at a time when consumers are increasingly turning to online retailers.

“We haven’t seen growth in the last few years,” said Rispaud. “But we’ve seen growth in all of our operating expenses. Property values ​​continue to rise, and the cost of supporting our employees continues to rise, along with insurance and maintenance and everything in between. But our sales and margins have stagnated. “

Rispaud gave no final closing date, but said the store at 1501-K 41st Ave. at Capitola would remain open during the 2021 holiday season.


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