Playboi Carti Unveils Narcissist Clothing Line


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Playboi Carti is taking the leap into the fashion world with her new Narcissist clothing line. The new cut and sew pieces are on sale now on Carti’s Opium brand website – they include hats, hoodies with photos printed on them, a bomber jacket, a sleeveless t-shirt and a tank top.

Talk with Paper (in a rare interview conducted by former FADER staff member Shaad D’Souza), Carti said the new clothing release has been in the works for two years. He also claims that the name of the line is “not to be an asshole”, but rather “to be the best of you”.

“It’s our way of life, you know what I mean?” he explains. “When I wake up, it’s already in me and it’s already in a lot of people – it’s about being yourself and expressing your feelings through clothes.”

Rather than other designers, Carti drew inspiration from her tattoo artist’s items. “It reminds me of how I fell in love with the tattoo world and discovered black and white ink,” he says, “you know, black and white ink came from prison… is like, yo, the people with the best tattoos had these critical moments that were captured, and that was all the inspiration.

Check out a selection of narcissistic styles below and browse the full collection here.

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