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Unique Police 883 NFT Laptops to Adorn User Wardrobe in Metaverse

GURGAON, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 21, 2021 / Trace Network Labs is excited to bring a very popular and world famous fashion brand – 883 POLICE on the NFT train. The global conglomerate and brand are planning to launch a special edition “883 Police NFT Collection” on Bling – Trace’s Limited Edition Luxury & Lifestyle Products NFT Marketplace.

883 Police stands for universal style and quality and is known worldwide for its textile traditions and has been recognized as an icon of excellence.

883 Police Collection NFT

This special edition aims to deliver uniquely designed wearable digital clothing in different metaverse. The BLING & 883 Police teams have taken a giant step forward to expand to the Metaverse and offer its users a unique and personalized experience. These special edition collections will be sold on BLING.

Trace & 883 Police

This unique collaboration between Trace and 883 Police will bring a unique range of fashion clothing to the NFT space and provide NFT collectors and connoisseurs with access to a world-renowned brand in an ever-expanding digital space, strutting around the multiverse. with designer clothes to be worn by their avatars.

883 Police on Bling

  • Having 883 Police on board with Trace is in line with our motivation to open up the luxury and lifestyle industry to the metaverse space and to integrate new brands and lifestyle businesses into our NFT marketplace.

  • There will be a limited number of clothing NFTs per collection.

  • Each NFT created by 883 Police will represent a unique limited edition garment in the real world going forward.

  • Each NFT is uniquely created and is exclusively available ONLY on the Bling NFT Marketplace.

  • NFTs will be auctioned on a predetermined date on the Bling NFT Marketplace

  • These NFTs will be Metaverse compatible and “wearable” by the winner’s avatar in the Metaverse.

  • A Rare 883 Police NFT will be available at auction only to Trace NFT holders. This NFT will be specially designed for gaming metavers.

CEO speaks

Expressing his thoughts on this partnership, Seetharaman Kannan, CEO, 883 Police India said, “We are excited to partner with Trace Network Labs to launch a revolutionary phase in digital fashion with 883 Police brand NFTs. We are convinced that with the legacy of many years of the 883 Police brand, we can bring an extraordinarily original digital fashion that can be treated like NFTs and also worn by users of a metaverse. “

Speaking on occasion, Lokesh Rao, Co-Founder and CEO, Trace Network Labs commented, “We are excited to integrate 883 Police Lifestyle for the Metaverse Travel at Trace Network Labs. What I find most interesting about fashion is that it reflects your moment. 883 Police has a rich history and a track record for creating those perfect moments making them a differentiating fashion statement. It’s exciting to bring Police Limited Edition 883 NFT Laptops to the Bling Marketplace to further enhance the user experience on various metaverse!

About 883 police officers

Founded in Italy in 1995, 883 Police has over 200 years of combined experience and expertise in the evolution of denim which has allowed the brand to be at the forefront of denim innovation. This is how 883 Police is responsible for most of the washing, finishing and texturing techniques that have entered the market over the past three decades.

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About Trace Network Labs

Trace Network is a completely decentralized protocol enabling a lifestyle for any multichain metaverse. We are building a technology platform that will allow lifestyle brands to launch multi-channel and multiverse products for the ‘digital twin’ – the user / resident avatars of a metaverse. Trace Network Labs wants to help us allow ourselves to roam freely between the world as we know it and the metaverse with its foundation built around us, enabling the next evolution of the luxury lifestyle as the boundaries between real and virtual continue to fade. We aim to be the de facto gateway for lifestyle brands, businesses, projects and consumers to enter ANY metaverse.

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About Bling

The 1st Limited Edition of the NFT Luxury & Lifestyle Marketplace is brought to you by Trace Network Labs powered by Polygon (formerly Matic). Currently, NFTs around the world only have a digital connotation, meaning you can only own a digital artwork that has been tokenized on a blockchain. This brand new Trace Network NFT Marketplace will serve as a bridge between real world products and non-fungible virtual tokens that have been created specifically to represent a unique piece of this limited edition luxury lifestyle product.

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