Pulaski Park in photos: the ultimate skate mecca of the 90s


It’s sick.
Yes, I would take pictures and give them to them. I would bring little prints of Sheffey that I had made in my darkroom and he would say: Oh pretty good. You know, take more! [laughs]

Did you study photography in high school?
Yes I did it. But I started taking pictures when I was in third grade, because my dad was in the Air Force so we moved around a lot. And when you’re a little kid and you’re just starting to discover the world, and they tell you you gotta move, you’re like, What the hell?!” So my parents said, Here is a camera. Take pictures of what you want to remember.

The photos that THE FACE has selected, they date from the beginning 90s. Who was on stage at the time?
At that time, there was Pepe Martinez, Andy Stone, Reese Forbes, Stevie Williams… He slept in my sister’s room when she was at university. [laughs]

But yeah, there were so many people, it’s really hard for me to make a roll call. The place was people’s family.

Like a home away from home?
Yeah, I would drive to some of these people, and their family was more the people at the park than they were sometimes at home.

They had difficult family lives?
Yeah. It was like: Hey, do you need a place to crash? My sister’s room is open. When you hang out with someone who skates all day, if they need something, you’ll help them em if you can.


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