Queen Consort Camilla’s ‘endearing’ and ‘cheeky’ wardrobe habit – ‘she doesn’t care’


Camilla has a wardrobe full of outfits, but according to fashion coach Miranda Holder, the Queen Consort may be one of the royals who “carries her clothes the most”. Miranda Holder, who is known for her viral TikTok-style videos posted under the username @themirandaholder ‘Your Feel Good Fashion Coach’.

Spoke to Express.co.uk about how Camilla’s ‘rule-breaking’ fashion choices could reflect how ‘comfortable’ she feels ‘in her own skin’.

Fashion, especially for female members of the royal family, is a hot topic, and it’s not uncommon to see them step out in a brand new ensemble for every public appearance.

However, it’s increasingly common to see younger family members sporting some of their favorite looks again in a move towards sustainability.

Still, it looks like the Queen Consort has been doing it for quite some time. Miranda explained: “He is probably the member of the royal family who wears his clothes the most.

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“And most of the time his choices are right, like wearing again what we should all be doing.”

In June, during the Platinum Jubilee, Camilla was spotted again wearing an “old beloved” coat dress by designer Bruce Oldfield.

She teamed the pale blue and white striped dress with a blue Philip Treacy hat and a pearl necklace.

The dress was a flattering choice, thanks to its figure-hugging silhouette and vertical stripes, which perhaps explains why it’s something the Queen Consort chose to wear again and again.

She was previously pictured wearing the ensemble in June 2021 when she attended Royal Ascot.

Similarly, in 2019, Camilla was pictured wearing a mint green Moroccan kaftan twice in two months.

She first escalated the bedazzled kaftan dress in February 2019 while hosting a party for the British Asian Trust alongside husband King Charles.

A month later, in March, she chose to wear the gorgeous outfit to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration dinner at the Irish Embassy in London.

However, Camilla isn’t the only royal to have worn some of her favorite wardrobe items again.

Miranda explained: “Princess Anne is also a member who does. Sometimes the Queen has redone things. But it would be recorded, journaled and organized. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s stylist, is so incredibly organized with precision military that she would know exactly what was being worn and with what accessories.”


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