Residents remove sticker of far-right Polish clothing brand in Walthamstow


A sticker promoting a far-right website in Poland found on a bus stop in Walthamstow has since been removed.

A resident waiting for a bus on the evening of January 19 on Hoe Street saw the sticker, which read ‘F*** the system’, but did not learn of its violent and hateful nature until he did further research on his way back.

A local resident documented the sticker without knowing its origin. The subsequent deletion took place on January 31 (or a little earlier).

To find out more about the website, Tell MAMA spoke to Never Again, one of Poland’s most prominent anti-racism organizations.

A spokesperson has confirmed its links to the violent football hooligan scene with strong links to the far right, with an assortment of its “products” offering violent messages (including violent death threats against police and suspected informants).

Never Again mentioned how far-right political actor and agitator Marian Kowalski promoted their materials on social media. The t-shirt promoted by Kowalski in 2017 pushed a racialized, harmful, anti-Muslim and Islamophobic trope of so-called ‘Islamization’ – and remains available for purchase in 2022. The back of the product depicts a burning mosque with blood splatters in the Background. As recently as 2017, the company was also selling a t-shirt variant of this virulently anti-Muslim and Islamophobic product – records confirm this.

Poland is 99.9% Christian, according to the 2011 census. European Union data shows that while Poland has no official religion, an overwhelming majority (around 87%) of the population is Roman Catholic . Extensive academic research, including on “Islamophobia without Muslims” and how these narratives (in politics and in the press) stigmatize and target refugees.

Another item for sale included a dog tag that promotes the conspiracy, linking Muslims to Islamic State.

Our investigation revealed how the clothing brand‘s Facebook profile shared a 2013 Islamophobic conspiracy video about demographics in a video titled “Who Can Stop Islam?” “.

A year earlier, the Facebook page shared a racist and homophobic meme about throwing these minoritized groups off a plane in alphabetical order to prevent a fictional plane from crashing.

That same year, the company repeatedly promoted the white supremacist slogan “anti-Antifa” as a marketing tool on Facebook.

During our investigation, the local resident who contacted us, to begin with, got back in touch. In correspondence with Tell MAMA, they said the sticker had its URL link crossed out before someone removed it, attaching photographic evidence dated January 31.

Wanting to remain anonymous, they expressed gratitude for his estrangement, adding that for its multiculturalism, it remained a concern that individuals with racist and far-right agendas felt emboldened to spread hatred and propaganda in the region.

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