Rich Gaspari innovates nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders

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There are many (in fact endless) dietary supplements on the market and we find it hard to trust them. We also don’t trust their claims and the purity and quality of the content, the supplements. No matter how hard consumers try, they lack the professional tools beyond reading the food label.

Rich Gaspari innovates nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders

We found few worthy companies and one of them stood out above the rest. It was founded by Rich Gaspari over 20 years ago, specializing in sports nutrition. We have noticed that they rely on the reputable manufacturing of the Opa-Locka Natural Vitamin Laboratory near Miami, known for its precision and production of high quality dietary supplements.

We interviewed Tejas Choksi, a chemical engineer with a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, with 15 years of experience in the development of new dietary supplements. We asked Mr. Choksi how Gaspari Nutrition products are different from others. While declining to comment on other sports supplements on the market, he rated Rich Gaspari’s products as “of the highest quality” and “science-based”.

Tejas Choksi - Leading Expert in Nutritional Supplements
Tejas Choksi – Leading Expert in Nutritional Supplements

We compared nutritional supplements to bodybuilders

We asked for more details and Tejas Choksi referred to a few products that he reviewed for us:

  • The “Proven Egg” product is made from 100% instant egg whites which are expensive and therefore other manufacturers use “alternatives” or “cheaper knockoffs”.
  • “Proven Greens and Reds” contains real ingredients: Organic Green Vegetable Blend, Organic Antioxidant Red Blends, Organic Prebiotic Fiber, Immune and Metabolic Blend, Probiotic Blend.
  • “Health & Wellness Stack” designed for better performance, more muscle, greater strength, agility at speed. Gaspari claims to offer the industry’s premier health and wellness stack.

Rich Gaspari could not be reached for this interview, but we learned that he was a professional bodybuilder from the mid-80s to the 90s, winning the very first Arnold Classic in 1989.

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