Russell Wilson and Ciara open The House of LR&C in University Village


At Ciara and Russell Wilson Clothing company House of LR&C — aka their biggest couple move since the Grammy-winning singer wore a Seahawks dress and Wilson’s Super Bowl ring to the Met Gala — opens its brick-and-mortar premiere at University Village on February 2.

“Both Russell and Ciara have a deep interest in fashion,” says CEO and co-founder Christine Day, and the store features their favorite projects, including Russell Wilson’s Good Man brand, launched with former Nordstrom employees in March 2015 (the same month he met his future wife!), and Ciara’s contemporary women’s line LITA by Ciara.

“Both are very involved in the company’s vision and strategy,” says Day. Especially Ciara, Creative Director, who directs photoshoots and reviews pieces for each of the company’s four lines. And both are frequently spotted in their own fashion, “which brings a lot of customers to our website,” daily.

Despite their influence, the store’s name isn’t a confusing acronym for the couple’s initials: LR and C stand for Love, Respect, and Care, a motto repeated at least ten times on the walls of the store at 2616 NE Village. Lane.

But it’s more than just an aesthetic decision. Three percent of the store’s revenue will be donated to the couple’s Seattle youth charity, the Why Not You Foundation; the company follows the United Nations Sustainable Business Principles; upcycled vintage furniture dots the space.

Which, for now, is just a temporary popup whose performance will inform the brand’s future business approach (and at least three permanent bricks and mortars). In case the offseason Seahawks loyalists need something to rally around.


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