Sandro partners with resale tech start-up Archive

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French brand Sandro has launched its own second-hand marketplace in collaboration with resale tech start-up Archive.

Customers can now buy and sell Sandro men’s and women’s pieces from previous collections on the internet platform, increasing the brand’s growth in the US market and introducing it to the sustainability ecosystem.

The market also shows Sandro’s continued desires for sustainability, with goals to increase the proportion of eco-friendly designs to 70% by 2025, from 50%.

Sandro was looking to create an authentic reselling experience and by collaborating with Archive they developed a custom e-commerce platform that is both on brand and focused on the highest quality customer experience, gaining traction .

Buyers can also resell their pre-loved items through the website, which will provide them with a prepaid shipping label after the item is sold.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sandro to expand their resale initiatives in the United States and extend their commitment to sustainability, with an underlying motive that pieces are made to last and deserve to live many lives, enabling customers to consume less but better,” said Emily Gittins, CEO of Archives.


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