“I think the biggest issues with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) right now are the lack of quality in most projects and the high cost of transactions and high-quality projects,” Lueders says. “Creators and brands that fail to integrate NFTs into their customer lifecycle are missing out on the ability to not only increase their brand value, but also provide their subscribers with a more interactive customer experience by working with them. towards a mutually beneficial goal. . The staggering amount of misinformation in this space has made it difficult for its intended beneficiaries to take advantage of the underlying technology.”

Lueders believes that brands and creators could leverage NFTs to increase awareness and value from their fans who support their goals, initiatives, and core values. He sees a world where brands could offer their fans a chance to manage their content creation, media distribution and brand monetization by collecting their content in exchange for a say in how profits are spent, all without the ads and spam that we regularly encounter on traditional social networks. media platforms.

“NFTs have been misused, in my view. We’ve proven to be effective as a method for brands to monetize established and emerging brands, but we’ve failed to show retail consumers the potential of NFT to establish brands that advance social narratives,” says the 22-year-old founder. “I think we’re about to see a fundamental shift in online consumer behavior that paves the way for creators and brands to finally focus on quality over quantity.”

The introduction of Web2 allowed users to collaborate with peers around the world and exchange information over great distances. Web3 may usher in a new era of companies that provide an infrastructure for great brands to be formed and developed by remote users who could operate a brand without ever meeting in person.

Lueders’ first attempt at community-owned brands will be launched as a media platform on July 28.

“They say it takes a whole village to raise a child and the same can be said for the web3 industry. The goal is, and always has been, to provide media consumers with a more exciting experience and give users a chance to monetize their support and have a say in how profits are spent on their favorite creators and brands.” Luders said. “It’s the start of a whole new world and I hope TacVue can give our customers a front row seat to the future of brand development.”

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About TacVue

Founded in 2021, TacVue is a Chicagotechnology-based that focuses on helping brands and creators across a number of industries, including digital media, gaming, communications, and blockchain, among others. As a full-service company, TacVue partners with its customers on consumer engagements and produces tools and apps for brands, creators and online communities.



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