See Elizabeth Taylor’s lookalike granddaughter, who continues her legacy


One of the most popular actors of Hollywood’s golden age, Elizabeth taylor enjoyed a long and legendary career. Born in London to American parents, Taylor moved to Los Angeles as a child in 1939 and wasted no time before landing her big chance a few years later. As a teenager she became a household name playing alongside Mickey rooney in the popular 1944 film National Velvet. In the 1950s, she became one of the most popular mermaids on the big screen, and by the 1960s, an Oscar winner and the highest paid movie star in the world. Today she is best known for her performances in Cleopatra, cat on a hot roof, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Yet for all of Taylor’s on-screen accomplishments, the star, who died in 2011 at the age of 79, is remembered by many for more than her iconic roles. A passionate activist, she has played a leading role in the fight against the AIDS epidemic, using her fame to highlight the crisis. Today, Taylor’s lookalike granddaughter, Naomi by Luce Wilding, continues its legacy by continuing this important work through The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Read on to see her now and to learn some of the many ways her famous grandmother shaped her life.

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In the early 1980s, when the AIDS crisis was still considered taboo, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first celebrities to champion the cause. She worked tirelessly for raise funds and raise awareness for AIDS research, even serving as the founding national president of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), and later establishing her own foundation with similar goals. “I kept seeing all these reports about this new disease and wondering why no one was doing anything. And then I realized that I was like them. I was not doing anything to help,” he said. she explained to amfAR. She is said to have raised more than $ 270 million for the cause.

His dedication to activism has inspired many, including those closest to him and loved ones: his grandchildren. Naomi deLuce Wilding, who is now an ambassador for her grandmother’s foundation, said Charm, “She considered activism to be her life’s work. She inspired us to do something good with our lives. “

Ms. deLuce Wilding added while speaking with TODAY, “I would love to hear her amplified voice, repeated over and over again. “

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Naomi deLuce Wilding at the fashion event
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Besides her work on behalf of her grandmother’s foundation, deLuce Wilding had a distinguished career as a stylist and fashion director for Issue magazine. Speaking with Charm, she explained how her grandmother helped launch her career in the fashion world. “I can’t identify exactly what prompted me to study fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London, but playing with my grandmother’s clothes and sewing with my mother influenced me,” she said. Explain. “Nobody knew it, but I borrowed clothes from her closet for my first shoots,” she added.

With a wardrobe like Taylor’s, it’s no surprise that those around him have caught the fashion bug. “If you were a woman in Elizabeth Taylor’s life, she would probably dress you,” the star’s granddaughter recalls. “In my grandmother’s house in Switzerland, she had a bomb shelter that she had turned into a wardrobe. Everyone would come down to choose something to wear. If it looks good on you, chances are good. let you keep it, “she said.

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Elizabeth Taylor holding a dog with her granddaughter Naomi deLuce Wilding
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Although deLuce Wilding grew up in rural Wales with her mother, away from her grandmother’s house in Hollywood, she later moved to Los Angeles to live with the movie star while launching her career. “More than anything, my grandmother gave me confidence. She made me feel like I could do anything,” she shared.

But theirs was not a traditional dynamic, recalled the stylist. “Living with my grandmother was like living with an aunt,” she said. Charm. “Most grandmothers would say, ‘You can’t leave your house with this!’ Mine would see my bra strap appear and say, “Just take your bra off.” “I’m shy and she made me dare.”

Elizabeth Taylor and her granddaughter
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While audiences fell in love with the movie star Elizabeth Taylor, her grandchildren say they are remembered simply as the loving matriarch of the family. “She was just my grandmother, well my grandmother. We were very close and she had a strong influence on my life,” said deLuce Wilding. Charm.

“I remember sitting on the floor of her dressing room and watching her get ready – just watch[ing] that kind of transformation is taking place, “she recalled in an interview with TODAY.” Just because someone is a superstar, doesn’t mean they can’t be a loving, spongy and spongy grandmother. delicious that always greeted us, “she added.

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