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Downtown Dallas is home to a goddess. The one you won’t miss in a crowd. As soon as you see it, you instantly understand.

Height Goddess Founder and CEO, Lameka Weeks (Courtesy Height Goddess)

Beautifully sculptural Lameka Weeks is the Founder and CEO of Height Goddess, a fashion clothing line designed for tall women like her that stands 6ft 1in with no heels without any tendency to bend over. Lameka is one of that refreshing and confident generation of tall women who have been encouraged from their youth to love their size and embrace their uniqueness. Rightly so, what makes Weeks unique is how it represents her desire to foster trust in others through the Height Goddess community, a space where women can engage and connect about everything from relationships and careers to fashion and health.

But how did this gangly dreamer who grew up in Alabama turn into a cosmopolitan fashionista for those who can reach the best shelves? Well, on the one hand, it all started with a lack of choice.

“Yes I Know I’m Tall” from The Tall Girl Thoughts T-Shirt Collection (Courtesy Height Goddess)

As many of us with, say, non-standard anatomy can attest, it wasn’t that long ago that shopping for clothes could be a chore. (Author’s note: I’m not a tall woman, but even I remember how hard it was to find a pair of jeans that fit both my back and my waist.) level of frustration the Lameka must have. felt having height added to this mix? Either the clothes were too short, ill-fitting, or completely unflattering. And, as Lameka likes to say, it was a good day. Bad day? She was buying men’s clothes!

Lameka knew intuitively that she wasn’t the only tall woman to feel this, so in 2007, after a brief stint in the corporate world (where her frustration grew over the difficulty of building a appropriate corporate wardrobe), Lameka set out to create an elegant, contemporary one-line garment specially designed for a longer frame. She was neither a dressmaker nor a designer, but she graduated from Auburn University in Montgomery with a degree in communications and corporate sales experience, and so Weeks put her skills to good use.

“Sorry Not Everyone Can Be Tall” from the Tall Girl Thoughts T-Shirt Collection (Courtesy Height Goddess)

With the success of her line, Lameka’s vision grew. She didn’t just want to dress tall women, Lameka wanted other tall goddesses to connect and share their unique stories and perspectives. Thus, the podcast “From one goddess to another” was born. It has now become a community platform for goddesses of all ages and walks of life to listen to and feel supported and inspired.

Fourteen years later, Lameka Weeks can take pride in the fact that it represents much more than a fashion line. She is an inspiration to all goddesses who see a need and decide to do something. And so we end with Lameka’s own description of the impact of her business: More than what you put on your body, it’s about celebrating who you are, inside and out. It is about your interests, your aspirations, your opinions. Height Goddess is about you… every beautiful inch of you.



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