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Netflixthe great worldwide success of Squid game celebrates its success with its own clothing line.

The survival drama is set to become one of the biggest original series the streaming service has ever produced after it launched last month.

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s series shocked viewers with its brutality as they watched oppressed people literally play their lives in a childhood game series with a violent twist.


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Retailer Zavvi is known for partnering with blockbuster shows to launch unique fashion lines, and Squid game was no exception!

Zavvi will release sneakers, t-shirts, sweaters, blankets and even pillows with artwork from the show.

If you’ve wanted a cozy pillow with Seong Gi-hun’s “Player 456” logo, and more, here’s a full rundown. Remember to check again if an item is temporarily out of stock at any time:

Squid Game Player 456 Square Cushion FROM £ 19.99

AKEDO X Squid Game Black Adult Signature High Top £ 49.99

Oversize Heavyweight Squid Game Play T-Shirt – White £ 16.99

Iconic Squid Game Oversize Heavyweight T-Shirt – Black £ 16.99

The Leader Squid Game Oversize Heavyweight T-Shirt – Black £ 16.99

Squid Game Oversize Heavy Weight The Staff T-Shirt – White £ 16.99

T-Shirt Man Squid Game RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT – Black £ 14.99

Iconic Squid Game Sweatshirt – Black £ 24.99

Squid Game Game Play Sweatshirt – White £ 24.99

Oversize Heavyweight Squid Game Player 456 T-Shirt – White £ 16.99

Signature Squid Game Fleece Blanket FROM £ 19.99

Squid Game Iconic Squid Bed Throw £ 39.99

Square Cushion Squid Game Iconic Squid FROM £ 19.99

squid game kang sae byeok played by hoyeon jung and ji yeong played by lee yoo mi

Youngkyu ParkNetflix

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For those of you who are still in shock Squid game finale, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk hinted that he might return to the series once he takes a break from cinematic work.

Squid game is currently available to stream internationally on Netflix.

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