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The fashion will be on display in north central Thunder Bay today as eight local businesses showcase their back-to-school styles.

The Back-to-School Fashion Show, hosted by the Waterfront District BIA, will feature clothing from eight local businesses from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the corner of Red River Road and Cumberland Street.

“This is the very first fashion show of its kind where different companies with different perspectives and tastes in fashion come together to collaborate and interact, network, socialize and mingle, especially after such a long period of COVID restrictions. “said Mary Wokomah, owner and creator of Sunkissed Universe.

With students arriving in Thunder Bay to resume classes this fall, participating businesses will give students an idea of ​​the fashions available from local entrepreneurs.

Wokomah, which launched Sunkissed Universe in November 2020, takes already-made clothes and upgrades them.

“I paint on them and turn them into reusable or portable items,” she said, adding that there can be a lot of waste in fashion and that with her designs she brings an exclusive and different vibe to the fashion while making it sustainable.

807 Empire, The African Boutique, The Blush Boutique, Newkini Swimwear, Mars Clothing, The Loop, and Ungalli Clothing are also on today’s show.

Not only will new students get the chance to see what local businesses have to offer, but they’ll also get a feel for what it’s like in the community, Wokomah said.

“They see the support; they see love, ”she said. “If this is a new student and has never been here before, it instantly makes them feel welcomed.



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