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Skateboards and rain don’t mix.

Leaf blowers and towels helped dry out Rumsey Park skatepark on Saturday so the third annual King of Kings skate competition could take place.

But these things wouldn’t have made any difference if the rain hadn’t stopped.

Event organizer Remington Stanley therefore enlisted the help of a Higher Power.

“We prayed to God and God stopped the rain for us,” Stanley said. “That’s what I believe.”

Some teens from Payson have joined several of the Valley for the event, which is hosted by the nonprofit Church on the Street. Church on the Street (COTS) offers disciple training in a sober living environment to men and women 18 years and older who are not currently working and is aimed at young people in need.

Skateboarding is one way to reach young people.

Young people like Stanley were a few years ago.

“I was skateboarding every day,” he said. “I wanted to be sponsored. I wanted to be a pro skateboarder. I wanted to live on it. I just didn’t have a lot of resources.

“I was living with my single mom who was pretty poor and just had no resources. So my boards would all be broken, my shoes would all be torn. “

And, like many others, he has taken a dangerous path.

“I’ve been to some pretty dark places,” he said.

And he says faith has helped him.

“I had to cry out to God for help and he helped me,” Stanley said. “It was then that I learned of the existence of Jesus Christ, that he died for us and that he rose from the dead and gives us new life. God comes into our life and directs us if we ask him to. So when I did that, God came into my life in a way that blew my mind. In all areas of my life, he helped me, showed me, guided me and led me. And I wondered if anything would have been different if someone had come to tell me about the love of God and Jesus when I was younger.

“And that’s how Church on the Street Skateboarding was born. We’re going to skate for Jesus. We’re going to go to the parks, we’re going to be there. We will accompany the children, tell them about God’s plan for their life, help them with shoes, help them with boards, help them make videos, help them find a sponsor, make a living, teach skateboarding to win their lives or go to camps and help out in different camps across the country. This is the vision of Church on the Street Skateboarding.

COTS tries to help young people with what they need.

Young people face many challenges on the streets and Stanley said Church on the Street is trying to help them.

Calvary Chapel helps Church on the Street, which has a home on Frontier Street in Payson.

“We’re actually tied to Calvary Chapel,” Stanley said. “They are really great.

“So that’s what we’re here for, because I can let the kids sleep on the floor in our church across the street and save some money on hotel rooms and stuff like that. Also, there is an awesome skate park here.

COTS is hosting an outreach activity at Rumsey Skate Park from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays with skateboarding, hot dogs and a Bible study. And they detain the King of Kings once a year.

“We are not talking about religion or rules, but we ask God to come into our life and let him guide and lead us instead of looking at drugs and alcohol, or even worse things that occur in parks as sex trafficking. and bullying. All kinds of crazy things happen in the lives of these children. So it’s like, ‘Hey, you don’t have to give in to that stuff, there’s a better way to live.’

They came from the Valley in a van this time.

“Sometimes we bring two vans,” Stanley said. “I have a lot of kids on the team, but not everyone is keen on going skating. Whatever the needs of the children, we try to meet them. If they want to go to a competition, ‘let’s go’. If they just want to go to our Saturday mission and have some hot dogs and have a Bible study, ‘let’s go’.

“Scooters, bikes, skateboards – and everyone has different needs. Some kids need a new pair of shoes every month, others need a new board every two weeks. So we are just trying to help them wherever we can.

“One thing we do is cook hot dogs and we have free hot dogs, clothes, just a little bit to help the kids with whatever they need. Many of their parents are on social assistance and need food or housing assistance. So I end up being a mentor for many of their families.

Anyone wishing to help the organization can visit or where they can donate.

“You can buy one of our skateboards and if you buy one of our skateboards, we’re actually giving a skateboard to a kid who needs it,” Stanley said.



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