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Fashion is not just a function it’s an expression, it’s art, it’s a sense of identity, and it’s personal. We love to keep up with the latest fashions, looking back from evening gowns and babydoll dresses, to low waist pants and leather jackets. Indeed, fashion has evolved through time and it still evolves as we progress, but how does this affect our environment?

Fashion is changing fast and to stay on trend people are buying more clothes, even though the more we buy, the more heavier impact it has on our environment. The fashion industry is the second largest consumer of our water supply, it also produces 10 percent of human carbon emissions.

Reports said huge denim companies have denied the amount of toxic carbons they release during the manufacture of their products, which contributes to air pollution.

According to studies, the fashion industry consumes around 79 billion cubic meters of water per year. To produce a shirt and pants, it takes about 20,000 liters, this amount of water could fuel people’s lives for a long time.

Despite the threat, we the consumers can do something about it. We can always be a fashion icon while saving the environment with these tips:

Invest in high quality clothing

Buying new pieces for your wardrobe is fun, but look for good quality pieces at reasonable prices. Some argue that expensive clothes are synonymous with good quality while cheap means poor quality.

These hoaxes aren’t necessarily true, but even so, good quality clothing means longer wear.whatever its price. Quality in inexpensive quantities. Always.

Make sure to check and inspect the clothes you are going to buy, inspect them inside and out. Better to check now than to regret it later.

The way we treat our clothes is also important. Extend the life of your clothes by washing them less or by hand washing them and air drying them. Knowing how to sew is also helpful in repairing that tear on your pants.

Redesign or even better Upcycle

Research said that by 2030, the fashion industry will increase its water consumption by 50%. Some fashion companies have made their contribution to sustainability, so we consumers must do our part too.

Personalize your clothes by redesigning them. Get your scissors and sewing kit ready and let your creativity run wild. Create your own style by transforming this ripped shirt into a new design or add some color to your pants by adding DIY patches.

Recycle textile waste by creating headbands, pillows and more fabric patches. Be creative and make these clothes your blank canvas.

The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, go to the nearest charity and donate your clothes for others to use.

Get your money back by selling the clothes you love, but make sure the quality is still good and sell them for a fair price.

Shop secondhand

From a second-hand goods store to a place evolving into a rising company, stick to your budget and venture into different choices while playing Macklemore’s “thrift store” while you enjoy your shopping.

The culture of savings has grown significantly as influencers have started to post more about savings. In the savings bazaar of the United States ‘ThriftCon’ was organized. But it has received criticism, saying some are “way too expensive”.

Thrift stores can be a lot of fun because you can choose unique and vintage pieces for your wardrobe, but then again, you should be on a budget. Be quality-oriented when shopping for second-hand.

Support sustainable fashion brands

Supporting sustainable fashion brands means that the materials used in their clothing have less negative impact on the environment. Sustainable clothing reduces water consumption and human carbon emissions.

These stores can make sure your money is being used for a better cause.

Here are some shops you can visit:

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Re clothes is a sustainable fashion brand that aims to reduce clothing waste by giving second-hand clothes a new twist by embroidering them by hand.

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This next shop makes flour bags fashionable and makes it a very unique fit. Craftcha make comfortable and cute clothes not only from bags, but also from katcha fabric, old jeans, hinabi and scrap rags. In addition to their unique clothes, they also make pillow cases, wallets and bags.

sustainable environment mode

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Tissue scraps also contribute to environmental waste, but with RIOtaso, every scrap of fabric contributes to a whole new outfit. They assemble fabric scraps and produce unique and colorful clothes. You can shop for tops, bobs, tote bags and more at their store.

These are the few ways you can go about looking fashionable while saving the environment. Think, act and choose responsibly the next time you shop.


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