Teen drugged and raped by 4 men for more than 6 days in Bangalore | bangalore


In another shocking incident in Bengaluru, a 16-year-old girl was raped for over six days by men who regularly frequented her home. Six people have been arrested in connection with the incident, 2 of which are women who allegedly contributed to the crime.

Based on the mother’s complaint, HSR Layout Police arrested the suspects, including two women, under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (Pocso) and IPC 376. (rape ). Rajeshwari, Keshava Murthy, Kalavati, Rafiq, Sharat and Satya Raju, all in their 30s and residents of Bandepalya and surrounding areas, are among those charged.

Rajeshwari and Kalavati were the victim’s neighbors and she regularly visited their home after school for sewing lessons. They were people the victim trusted because they met every day.

“I was at home resting and my parents were out for work. Rajeshwari came to my house and told me that my mother was waiting for me, and she drove me to her house. She gave me fruit juice there. I became unconscious. . When I regained consciousness, I was lying on a bed with bloodstains on my legs and other parts of my body,” the youngster explained. girl.

The incident was unfortunately discovered after the girl’s mother noticed a sudden deterioration in her health and took her to the doctor. Medical reports confirmed that the girl had been repeatedly raped.

Rajeshwari threatened her with repercussions if she revealed what had happened. Rajeshwari then allegedly took her to Kalavati, where she was raped on different days by other men. Despite her poor health, as a result of physical and mental torture, Rajeshwari and Kalavati forced her to visit their home regularly.

Rajeshwari reportedly invited the girl to her home on March 6. That day, the girl’s mother was home and noticed that her daughter was upset. Her mother then discovered bloodstains on her clothes and when asked, the girl revealed all. The mother then filed a complaint with the police the same evening.

“When Rajeshwari and Kalavati learned of the complaint, they fled the city. We apprehended them on the outskirts of the city on the evening of March 7 and questioned them before gathering information on the four men. We arrested them one by one. one and brought them all to court on March 8. “They are now in custody,” a investigating officer said.

Among the four defendants, Keshava Murthy, from Hosur, is the managing director of an automobile company. Satya Raju is an entrepreneur based in Koramangala. Sharat from Yelahanka and Raffiq from Begur are both entrepreneurs. Police say Rajeshwari and Kalavati were sex workers who took money from the men after they sexually assaulted the girl.


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