Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Shows Off Her Super Petite Waist In Workout Tights And Crop Top For New Video


TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska has posted another video showing off her kick-butt body.

chelsea posted a video on her Instagram story to promote an item from her clothing line, but her physique took center stage.


Chelsea Houska showed off her short stature on InstagramCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
She was promoting joggers from her clothing line


She was promoting joggers from her clothing lineCredit: Instagram

She wore a gray cropped sweatshirt, a black baseball cap, black and white checkered flip flops, and the black sweatpants she was promoting.

The cropped sweatshirt cuts her body in just the right place to expose her slim waistline.

As she talked about the joggers, Chelsea kept accentuating her waist with her hands and placing her hands on her hips.

She mentions that her typical size is a size small, and that’s what she’s wearing in the video.

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In 2021, Chelsea made a strict diet and exercise plan to lose the last of her baby weight.

She started a 75-day challenge that forced her to incorporate healthy habits into her daily routine.

Chelsea said: “From Monday eat healthy, train 45 minutes a day, drink plenty of water, read 10 pages of a book and only drink on social occasions.”

She was pregnant four times and each pregnancy had an impact on her body. Yet she had the courage to show him loose skin and stretch marks on line.

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Chelsea said she usually trains five days a week and regularly takes progress photos.

One day, when she’s comfortable, she hopes to share the photos with her fans.

She was extremely transparent after giving birth and she shared what she the body looked like a postpartum.

She said: “5 days postpartum. Still cradling a belly that looks a bit pregnant and huge milk boobs.”


Chelsea have their own clothing line, but that won’t stop trolls and critics from attacking their clothing choices.

She was called out for having a bad fashion sense and a strange taste in clothes.

One Reddit user even said that “his leather pants remind me of Ross from Friends with his incident in the bathroom.”

She was also attacked for her cosmetic procedures because some of her fans think she looks “plastic”.

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Someone said ‘I have to wonder how much of this is actually just filters’ after thinking Chelsea the face looked puffy.

Lately her tattoos have been criticized for being “trash” and “ugly”.

Since being pregnant four times, she's worked hard to get her figure back


Since being pregnant four times, she’s worked hard to get her figure backCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
Some criticized her clothing choices and fashion sense


Some criticized her clothing choices and fashion senseCredit: Instagram/chelseahouska
People also refer to his tattoos as


People also call his tattoos “trash”Credit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska

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