Teen Mom fans slam Chelsea Houska for ‘shoddy’ clothing line as star pushes $50 slippers and $45 distressed t-shirt


CHELSEA Houska held an impromptu fashion show Saturday on Instagram of some of her new looks and creations.

But fans and followers were unimpressed.


Chelsea Houska had another fashion show on SaturdayCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
And just like before, fans weren't impressed.


And just like before, fans weren’t impressed.Credit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska

In her latest attempt to take over the fashion world, the former Teen Mom showed off a variety of new clothes, including some, in her words, “super cute outfits.”

The 30-year-old stood in front of a mirror with a cellphone in her hand to model her hallowed new pants, high-heeled shoes, distressed shirts and joggers, among other looks.

But on Reddit, fans weren’t buying one of the new looks.

“Joggers in distress!??? What the hell is going on here?” one person commented. “Not everything needs to be grieved.”

Another remarked, “Lol everything has holes in it. I love ripped jeans but joggers and ripped t-shirts are too much.”

“Everything looks so cheap. No thanks,” one follower said, while another added, “It just proves fame and money can’t give you fashion sense.”

And one fan offered a helping hand: “Poor girl. She has no idea about fashion. I want to drive to South Dakota and help the woman.

“Every photo here has made me want to gag. I’m horrified that this is currently his full-time gig. So, so, so bad.”


Now, Chelsea have a habit of not pleasing everyone with their fashion sense.

Earlier this month, after Chelsea unveiled their new line of hoodies, images from their Instagram Stories resurfaced on Reddit.

The Teen Mom 2 alum posed in her “distressed hoodie” and pointed the camera at her ripped sleeves.

The former MTV star also donned her “furry beanie”, which she described as “super cute”.

Chelsea also shared a look at her silver boots and covered up in a plaid jacket.

Once again, Teen Mom fans weren’t thrilled with how Chelsea’s outfits looked.

One reviewer said: “It’s just clothes that look like they’ve been worn for 20 years with all the bags and holes.

“I’ll wear my dad’s old sweater from the 90s for free for this look. At least the tears are authentic and homemade”

Another added: ‘It’s not trendy right now’, while a third mentioned: ‘It looks sloppy and dirty to me.’

A fourth person wrote, “Cheap plastic hoodies and boots.”


And Chelsea’s criticism now extends beyond her fashion sense, targeting her upcoming HGTV makeover show, despite having no experience in the category.

It was recently revealed that Chelsea and husband Cole DeBoer, 33, had scored a brand new reality show on HGTV called Farmhouse Fabulous.

The series, which is set to debut in 2023, will follow the couple as they help families renovate their homes.

Shortly after news of the show broke, Teen Mom 2 fans took to Reddit to admit they were less than thrilled with the show.


While sharing their reactions to the show, many MTV fans argued that Chelsea and Cole don’t have enough experience to help others build their dream home.

One person wrote: “Soooooo what is their show going to be about? Will they be renovating/styling the houses every episode?

“Because while their home is nice, it’s just ONE home and it took them a while to cultivate the style and touches they wanted for it… I know coke is convenient, but nothing about them says they know what they are doing with designing a house lol.

Another added: “Lame. I have no interest in watching, but she’ll probably get a ton more subscribers for this (borderline baby boomer types). “

A third critic chimed in: “Chelsea can never handle the pressure of filming. It won’t be like her Teen Mom experience. She will be very frustrated and it will not be fun for her.

Others criticized the show’s concept, as one Teen Mom fan commented, “I really like them, but this concept is old and boring.”

Another Reddit user added, “Sounds boring, though.”

Fans particularly criticized her appearance


Fans particularly criticized her “distressed” appearanceCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
Chelsea and husband Cole recently announced a new HGTV home improvement show


Chelsea and husband Cole recently announced a new HGTV home improvement showCredit: Instagram
And again, fans have expressed their concerns about his qualifications


And again, fans have expressed their concerns about his qualificationsCredit: Instagram / @downhomedeboers

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