Teen mom Jade Cline slammed for ‘taking a pic of her breasts’ and ‘not wearing a seat belt’ in new car selfie


Teen mom Jade Cline has been criticized by fans for “taking a pic of her breasts” and “not wearing a seat belt” in her new car selfie.

A picture that 24-year-old Jade apparently took did Reddit users angry with her.


Jade took a car selfieCredit: Instagram
Jade and Kloie photographed together


Jade and Kloie photographed togetherCredit: Instagram / @ jadecline_

In an instant, the Teen Mom 2 star took a selfie inside her vehicle.

The reality TV star wore a yellow top and tight blue shorts.

She zoomed in on her breasts and took a close-up photo.

Jade captioned the photo: “#mommymilkers.”


Teen Mom fans jumped into the comments section to share their distaste for the hashtag and their annoyance with the MTV star for not wearing his seat belt.

One fan wrote: “Jade, why are you so disgusting!”

Another fan wrote: “Yeah because don’t wear seat belts while driving just to take a Snapchat of your boobs. Good job Jade. “

A third person said, “This hashtag is just… no. Yes, most definitely normalizing breastfeeding! But not like that.”

A fourth reviewer added: “What a terrible day to have eyes. How can I not read this?

One commentator replied, “I feel bad that Jade feels worthy only if she is ‘hot’.

“I mean she has nothing else for herself to do, but maybe she’ll focus on coming back to get a degree or starting a charity or making memories. with your kid that doesn’t involve yelling or calling him dude. “

Jade shares her three-year-old daughter Kloie with her little daddy Sean Austin.


Recently, the reality TV star ditched her usual heavy makeup and sexy outfits for a more natural look in her latest TikTok video.

The MTV mom shared a montage of sweet moments taken with her three-year-old daughter, Kloie.

She was also making faces for the camera with her daughter in a video.

Jade wore a black high neck top and a simple gray cardigan.

Elsewhere in the clip, she filmed Kloie as she went out on a boat, ate noodles and spent days by the pool with her father.


Jade underwent such a transformation after undergoing plastic surgery earlier this year.

She had a Brazilian facelift and underwent neck liposuction in Miami.

Fans were able to see the immediate aftermath of an episode as she left the hospital while wearing a compression suit, which was needed after the procedure.

She also had a bandage around her head, where doctors had to extract the fat from her neck.

Jade said in agony: “The pain in my butt, legs and back is excruciating. I can’t even sleep. I can’t be comfortable. It’s even worse than I thought. . “

She also told a fan about the recovery process: “I don’t know, it was really a difficult process and I don’t know if I would like to relive something like this …”

Jade shared the results of her plastic surgery on social media


Jade shared the results of her plastic surgery on social mediaCredit: jadecline_ / Instagram
Jade and Sean pictured together


Jade and Sean pictured together
Fans mocked Jade for not wearing a seat belt in her car selfie


Fans mocked Jade for not wearing a seat belt in her car selfieCredit: Reddit


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