Teen mom Kailyn Lowry shows off massive target cart weeks after she was called ‘useless’ for spending $766 at the store


TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry showed off her massive Target shopping cart in a new video.

The MTV star’s latest dose of retail therapy came after fans slammed her as “a waste” for spending $766 at the store just weeks ago.


Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Showed Off Her Massive Target CartCredit: TikTok/kaillowry
Weeks after being called a 'waste' for spending $766 at the store


Weeks after being called a ‘waste’ for spending $766 at the storeCredit: TikTok/kaillowry

Kailyn showed off her purchases as she walked through the retail store in a new ICT Tac video.

“It’s my 30th birthday, so let’s go shopping at Target,” the reality star told viewers as he filmed himself with glasses and his hair down, a red shopping cart in tow.

“It’s really too cute,” she exclaimed while filming a sweater.

“I’ve never seen these before, but I love the packaging, so we’re going to give it a try,” she continued, holding up a bottle of the $14 “baby wash.”

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“Everything I buy today is for my kids,” Kailyn added, what she called “adulthood.”

The star continued to the bedding section, loading her cart with several quilts before focusing on gold cutlery.

“Is it too much?” she asked, clutching the cutlery and seemingly backtracking on her goal of keeping her cart focused on the kids.

In the end, however, it looked like Kailyn’s cart was mostly filled with items for her little ones, even though it was so full that there were clothes hanging from the sides.

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Many fans said the video was “so cute”, but the Target tour came after Kailyn was criticized for over-shopping.

Kailyn showed off her previous purchases in a ICT Tac video claiming the outing was initially to gather “essential items” for the family’s upcoming trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

The clip first started with the mum capturing her basket full of items as she checked out, before zooming in on the high total shown on screen.


She could be heard saying in the background, “I really outdid myself.”

She then showed fans her final bill of $766.31.

Much of the other purchases were for her four children, including a slew of clothes for her eldest Isaac, 11, a hairbrush for her son Lux, four, and toys to occupy the little ones during the train ride. plane.

Kailyn is also mum to sons Lincoln, eight, and Creed, one.

Viewers slammed the Teen Mom 2 star for overspending with a write-up, “Is what happens when your word of the year isn’t budget.”

Another accused the TV personality of flaunting her wealth, asking, “Is this a bragging post?”

While another user simply commented, “Waste” in response to the star’s onerous bill.


It looks like the star isn’t hurting money, as Kailyn’s $48,000 PPP loans were forgiven for her podcast and her hair care company shut down, according to recordings first reported by the fan account. the reality TV star. Wawamelen.

PPP loans are part of a federal program with funds for small businesses hardest hit by the pandemic to help pay their employees.

Kailyn Lowry LLC is at least partly used for its Coffee Convos podcast which, according to loan filing, has five employees.

Last year, Kailyn bragged, “Really, I make more money on my podcast than on an episode of Teen Mom.”

She made the revelation after saying she opted out of an episode of the show because she said she disagreed with the script.

The TV personality has also been building her dream Delaware mansion for the better part of a year.

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Kailyn had shared updates throughout the build, especially since it was nearly complete.

She bought the land to build her house in February 2021 and has spent the whole year working there.

The TV star showed off his massive Target cart in a new video


The TV star showed off his massive Target cart in a new videoCredit: TikTok/kaillowry
She was previously accused of 'bragging' about her purchases


She was previously accused of ‘bragging’ about her purchasesCredit: TikTok @kaillowry
Much of this transport, and the most recent, was mainly for his four children


Much of this transport, and the most recent, was mainly for his four childrenCredit: TikTok @kaillowry

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