Teenage girl recalls her dad saving her from an RV


Brittaney Deaton was inside her RV in Burleson when she felt it rock.

Deaton, 17, was living in the RV that was parked outside his parents’ home – about 20 miles south of Fort Worth – when severe weather swept through North Texas on Monday. High winds pushed the wooden RV stairs past the entrance.

“I felt like I was just trapped,” she said, “like it was going to roll with me in it.”

His her father, Shawn Zeleny, 43, ran to help her, breaking the stairs by hand to get her out.

But as the couple tried to rush into her parents’ house, Deaton said, she felt something heavy.

“All I felt was something big rolling over me,” Deaton said. “It was a bit like being stuck between two walls.”

Deaton arrived at her parents’ house after the RV ran over them.

“I had only taken four steps out of the RV when my dad started screaming to call 911,” she said. The Dallas Morning News Tuesday. “The trailer had started rolling and didn’t stop until it reached the other side of the yard.

“I would have been devastated if he hadn’t cleared the stairs. I would have died there alone.

“It happened so fast”

Amber Zeleny, her mother, said she saw the chaotic scene unfold from the front door of the house. Neighbors helped Deaton’s father, and he was later taken to hospital for his injuries.

Shawn Zeleny was still in hospital Tuesday with a broken nose and ribs and hip injuries, his wife said.

The motorhome, which was in the far left corner of Deaton’s parents’ front yard, rolled on the opposite side, a few feet from the gravel road lined with downed power lines in at least three different places .

All around Deaton were fragments of the independence she had worked so hard to achieve. An entire wall of the motorhome that she renovated herself hung from the vehicle body. Clothes, shoes and dishes were spread out on the grass.

“I feel like it’s my fault because he came to save me,” Deaton said. “Deep down I know I’m the reason he’s hurt, and I keep breaking down because I would never want anything to happen to him, let alone because of me.”

Amber Zeleny said she wished her daughter had come home, but “it happened so fast”.

lucky to be alive

Johnson County Emergency Management Coordinator Jamie Moore said The news that Shawn Zeleny was the only person reported injured.

Weather Service radars picked up a possible tornado over Johnson County around 11 p.m. Monday night that likely touched down near Alvarado and tracked east toward downtown Midlothian in County Midlothian. Ellis, KXAS-TV (NBC5) reported.

About half a dozen homes were damaged by the storm, Moore said. Some roads were also closed on Tuesday morning due to fallen trees, he said.

Deaton said she would move back in with her parents while she worked to afford a new motorhome, as the main house was unharmed except for a broken window.

“I can still feel the adrenaline rushing inside me,” she said, “but I already know how lucky I am to be alive.

“Last night could have ended much differently. Things can be replaced – my dad can’t.

Editors Maggie Prosser and Elias Valverde II contributed to this report.


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