The 15 Most Iconic Fashion Moments From ’80s Teen Movies


Some of the best moments in ’80s teen movies involve the characters going to a party. And that’s certainly the case with this sequence from Cameron Crowe’s underrated classic, “Say Anything.” The film follows Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack), an offbeat high school student. In a last-minute attempt to feel cool, he asks the beautiful but introverted Diane Court (Ione Skye) to accompany him to a graduation party. Surprised, she agrees to go with Lloyd, bringing the trench coated rebel to pick her up at her house the night of the event. As Lloyd speaks with Diane’s intimidating father (John Mahoney), Diane emerges in a stunning classic white dress.

Featuring Jane Ruhm’s costumes, this scene is a perfect Cinderella-inspired moment. Not only is it adorable to see John Cusack’s reactions as Lloyd, but it’s equally gratifying to see a typically mouse character like Diane looking so radiant and confident. Plus, with the 1940s aesthetic of Diane’s dress and hairstyle, the already gorgeous Ione Skye looks even more glorious. Ultimately, this scene works simply because every element (from the actors to the costumes) comes together to create something truly magical.


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