The best fashion looks of the franchise cast this summer


As the season draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the most breathtaking summer fashion and impeccable style of the cast of 90 Day Fiancé.

Although sometimes 90 day fiancé stars are accused of making major fashion mistakes, there are many others whose summer outfits in particular are a master class to looking effortlessly glamorous. Sometimes they kick off their fashion game after they’ve appeared on the show, but other cast members seem to be born with a problem. Vogue in the hand.

On the show, most of the actors’ clothes are relatively plain so as not to distract viewers from the on-screen drama. However, on Instagram, the stars can show the full range of their fashion know-how. Fans are often blown away by the cast members’ eye for building impeccable looks.

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During the hot summer months, it can be difficult to put together a fashionable outfit while also considering the comfort needed to survive the heat. But there are ways to look glamorous while being ready for summer, and these cast members know exactly how to create the perfect seasonal look.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Anfisa is known for her fitness career and passion for training, so most of the clothes she shows on Instagram are hobbies. So it’s no surprise that Anfisa’s July 4th surprised fans this year. In the clip, Anfisa wears a cherry red and white Hello Molly dress with a side slit, perfect for the holidays. The fact that the look is very different from what she normally posts on social media makes it all the more striking.

Blake Abelard

As a musician, style and self-expression have always been important to Blake, and his Instagram examples of stellar streetwear are always a hit with his followers. In one photo, Blake’s graphic tee and moss green pants are simple, but it’s the accessories that really set the look apart, including a Laker championship cap, metal oval sunglasses, and what looks like Vans Louis Vuitton.

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Jasmin lahtinen

As a model, it’s not uncommon for Jasmin Lahtinen’s style to be on point, but in most of her Instagram posts, Jasmin wears lingerie, swimwear and sportswear. But in an earlier this month post, Jasmin showcases a pink checkered two-piece set from Shein and looks like a modern-day Cher Horowitz. The outfit brings a bit of variety to her Instagram looks and is ideal for summer.

Juliana Custodio

Juliana is another actress who works as a model, and her Instagram fashion doesn’t disappoint. In a recent post, Juliana turned the glamorous dial all the way to 11 and wears an elegant black silk dress with a cowl neck and lace peeking through. The outfit makes her look like every model she is, and it was a big hit with her followers.

Fernanda Flores

Fernanda is another model in the cast that mainly focuses on swimwear. However, in a recent post, Fernanda poses with her new man Noel Mikaelian in two very summery outfits. Fernanda’s simple, airy dress pairs perfectly with Noel’s tropical print shirt and white Bermuda shorts. The couple look effortlessly cool in the Florida heat.

Pedro Jimenez

Although his wife Chantel is generally known for her jaw-dropping fashion moments, Pedro has proven on occasion that he cleans well too. His typical look is casual for the gym, but Pedro posted a series of photos of himself in a stylish charcoal suit and crisp light blue shirt. It’s not exactly summery, but Pedro looks handsome and confident in the well-fitting suit.

Yara Zaya

Perhaps one of the most stylish actors in the franchise, Yara Zaya’s memorable fashion moments, which she has plenty of on Instagram, are always a hit with fans. In a look this summer, Yara shows off her prowess by styling a simple, timeless, and crisp white t-shirt. She pairs the airy white t-shirt with flowing pink pants and embellished flats. It’s an effortlessly chic look that’s perfectly on the mark for the new mom.

Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie sometimes gets dragged out for her makeup and fashion choices, but she has shared looks on Instagram that strike fans as unique and breathtaking. In a clip of her at the beach, Natalie donned a white backless dress with an interesting figure. While the look can probably go without the purple baseball cap, wearing sun protection on a bright summer day is a wise decision.

Rose Vega

While Rose’s Instagram is full of fun casual looks, it’s impossible to ignore her snaps of ultra-glamorous models. In one in particular, Rose is practically dripping with gold and looks more gorgeous than ever. The sparkly gold dress she wears is by Nat Manilag, a Filipino designer, and she is absolutely stunning. This look is one of Rose’s best fashion moments since the runway, and it means something.

Banks of Brittany

Brittany is well known to fans for her explosive outfits that show off a lot of skin, so summer is definitely her time to shine. In a recent post, Brittany rocks an incredible two-piece set of the Majesty of Moya. The matching top and maxi skirt feature neon colored banana leaves on a bright blue background and couldn’t be more perfect for the season.

Kenneth Niedermeier, Armando Rubio and Hannah Rubio

Kenneth and Armando got married in Mexico this summer and they still seem to be enjoying their marital bliss. In June, Kenneth, Armando and their daughter Hannah were walking around San Miguel de Allende absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. From Kenneth’s bird-of-paradise-print shirt and Hannah’s sleek blue halterneck maxi dress to the fedoras all three of them rock, this family’s summer style is impeccable.

There have certainly been a lot of fads not to do in the 90 day fiancé franchise (looking at you, male actors), but there are still plenty of stars on the show who are sleek enough to create some great summer looks. Maybe the less fashion-savvy cast members can get some advice on trendy outfits from these stars.

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