The first African brand to transform African prints into Western design



D&D Clothing, the leading African fashion company with its head office in Dubai and branches in Europe, is advancing in the global fashion industry by continuing its movement in Africa, starting with Kenya, with the major production center.

Leading international fashion company D&D Clothing, the first African brand to transform African prints into Western designs, is revolutionizing the global fashion industry with “Made in Africa” designs. These designs were born from the creativity of fashion designers who know their little things to satisfy customers’ insatiable fashion desires, thus producing clothing that is accessible and worn by everyone across the world. This idea aims to make people, regardless of the cultural divide, feel and understand the difference between wearing African clothes and other conventional clothes in different parts of the world.

Whether people are looking for a huge range of colors, patterns, refreshing their old clothes or just have a specific model in mind to create it through their design, D&D Clothing leads the way by providing an exclusive service dedicated to products. unique and distinctive. done with our signature and attention to detail, ”says Dennis Osadebe, Founder of D&D Clothing.

D&D Clothing offers classic collections made from the finest Italian, Japanese and Egyptian fabrics like cotton, silk, stretchy with their own print. The company is also distinguished by providing exclusive and varied services at competitive prices and in different categories.

According to Dennis Osadebe, D&D Clothing takes pride in “designing and printing our fabrics and transforming them into modern fabrics. African clothing for men with our authentic African touch.

“These fabrics have specific prints and symbols that signify a lot of things that can redefine the African fashion industry.”
A typical example of this distinct curation is the geometric patterns of African fashion fabrics which have always been devoted to spirituality and to people who become followers as they grow older.

“At D&D Clothing, we give new meaning to this African clothing by combining ancient and powerful animals like giraffes, elephants and tigers,” says Dennis Osadebe.

Elucidating patterns and styles to illustrate African culture through clothing, D&D Clothing recreates metaphors for monarchs and chiefs as tools used to
represent the ancient traditions of rebellions and triumphs in her online African fashion store.

Among its bestsellers are also the D&D Crocodile prints. Dennis Osadebe further provided insight into the symbolism of crocodiles which has deeper meaning when used in African fashion fabrics. They are the “markers of beginning and growth, of wisdom and protectors of knowledge”.

D&D Clothing is also leading the charge in creating stunning african clothing for women, helping fashion personalities stand out from the crowd and forgo store bought clothes. The fashion brand links class to culture, as it relatively adapts each of the custom wedding dresses to the cultural heritage of the couple or the bride.

“We will help you choose a model and material for a dress, based on our many years of experience with brides. We understand how difficult it is for the bride to prepare for her big day, ”says Dennis Osadebe.

In addition, D&D Clothing can tailor the wedding dress according to the measurements of any model. The CEO focused on how customers could think of every detail of the outfit, along with his fashion experts, so that every detail was exactly what they understood. As a notable fashion brand, D&D Clothing understands the intricacies of wanting to look African even while being formal – which is why they adapt their fashion discourse to bridge the gap between African and Western fashion styles. What are they doing? They provoke the African sense of fashion culture with a western perspective. This is evident in their shirts, blazers, dresses with a 95% African theme.

The African fashion store has introduced the Made in Africa brand of all models – from shirts, suits, wedding and evening dresses to lingerie, casual and office dresses, sportswear and even African shirts for men. .

Today, D&D Clothing is conquering the world of African fashion by creating a unique niche of its kind in Africa. This innovative feat is due to the creative exuberance of being the first fashion brand in Africa to create an African sizing chart. With this invention, getting the best fitting dresses of all kinds becomes easy for all body types.

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