The Honest Company expands its footprint to reach more customers


Founded in 2012 by Jessica Alba, Honest is the clean, conscious lifestyle brand that sells personal care, beauty, baby and household products. While the brand started as an e-commerce only business, it has since grown to 43,000 outlets across the United States, Canada and Europe. Ten years after its inception, I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Vlahos, CEO, to discuss The Honest Company’s expansion plans to provide greater access to customers in the US market.

The impact of COVID on the beauty industry

During COVID, when many non-essential retailers were closed in the US market, consumers had to turn to e-commerce and hybrid shopping models, like buying online then picking up in-store. Vlahos said, “Only strong omnichannel beauty retailers, like The Honest Company, could meet digital demands during COVID, and now that customers are returning to stores, we can serve them there as well.” Current expansion plans will help expand the company’s footprint in the US market.

US expansion plans include Walmart
Publix, GNC and Ulta Beauty

Thousands of Walmart stores alongside will carry Honest products. Vlahos said, “Honest and Walmart are committed to helping customers live better lives. This key addition to our strategic list of retailers allows us to increase the distribution of our baby and personal care products. This strengthens our ability to grow our community of conscious consumers.

Vlahos explained how important it is for customers across the United States to have access to the products available in the stores that suit them best. In the United States, 90% of Americans live within ten miles of a Walmart store. Walmart has a strong presence in the Southeast, and according to Vlahos, this is an area in which Honest had little distribution before its deal with Walmart. “We are underrepresented in the Southeast, and with 42% of new births coming from this region, we need to ensure that products are available for these customers.”

Publix, the fourth-largest grocery retailer in the United States, will carry Honest products in all of its 1,248 stores. Products include bubble bath, shampoo/shower gel and conditioning detangler. The partnership with GNC in May produced six Honest products, including three supplements and three body care products.

Most recently, Honest Beauty expanded to over 635 Ulta Beauty stores, including a new launch of its skincare line, the Honest Beauty Clearing Collection. Products are available both in-store and online, reinforcing its commitment to an omnichannel presence. Jessica Alba, Founder of The Honest Company, said, “Ulta Beauty’s guest truly knows beauty inside and out, and we’re thrilled to expand our partnership to bring our best products to customers in stores around the world. country.

Innovation in the beauty industry

Honest Company has a philosophy of continuous improvement and sees itself as a modern consumer packaged goods (CPG) company disrupting the CPG beauty industry. Vlahos spoke of the importance of being led by three strategic areas in his future expansion of the business: marketing innovation, product innovation and pursuing his omnichannel strategy.

It is above all a question of making known and encouraging the test of the mark. The second focuses on product innovation and responding to market needs with new products, which the company can do through its internal development center. Third, continue to expand with like-minded partners and provide greater access to products. Vlahos explained how important it is to find the right partners based on specific product categories. For example, Honest has partnered with GNC in the supplement business.

Alba believes and said, “Health and wellbeing is a universal foundation for a life well lived and I believe it is our responsibility to leave the world better than when we found it. We care about everyone and the planet. Current expansion plans help the company provide excellent access to clean products. Today’s consumers are looking for clean ingredients made by companies that practice sustainable initiatives and do the right things for people and the planet. Vlahos added, “Consumers want to live a more conscious lifestyle, which is our brand philosophy, and we can meet that need.”


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