The power of clothing comfort, according to 3 Australian creatives



“When I feel comfortable, I’m more carefree and that’s what gives me confidence and power.”

I love all my clothes the same, but when it comes to this, I’ll save my baggy knit pants from a fire before I think about opening my jeans drawer. No matter what I’m doing, whether it’s a day at work, going out for a drink or watching a movie, I dress for comfort first and foremost. Just the thought of a tight belt makes me shiver.

Over the years, I have made it my mission to find the perfect balance between style and comfort. Slowly, I’ve managed to amass a handful of fashion bloggers who constantly inspire me with outfits, as well as a range of trusted brands specializing in stretchy materials and loose silhouettes. I feel a sense of confidence in wearing an outfit that matches my sense of myself, rather than clothes that I feel obligated to wear.

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There is something powerful about rejecting dominant cultural ideals around clothing. While for some people that might refuse to wear tight, “sexy” clothes made to appeal to the male gaze, for others it might mean shedding fashion that relies on rigid gender binaries. Each person’s idea of ​​what is “comfortable” will likely be different. And whether comfortable means wearing oversized knitwear or thigh-high boots, dressing to feel good about yourself should always be a priority.

Another big plus for the case of comfort dressing is the feeling of mental clarity and freedom it provides. When we feel less physically constrained and able to represent ourselves through our clothes, we are less likely to be held back by insecurities and more likely to feel a sense of power and confidence.

And when it comes to comfort, there really is nothing worse than an ill-fitting or poorly constructed pair of shoes. The new vans Old Skool Overt ComfyCush Trainers is made for creatures of comfort. Attracting fashion bloggers and streetwear enthusiasts, these sneakers have mastered the art of combining comfort and style. Build on the original Old school A Vans silhouette, these trainers feature a 360-degree ComfyCush foam midsole as well as a removable insole for maximum cushioning.

With increased foam support in the tongue and collar of the shoe, as well as materials that allow airflow and breathability, these trainers have been designed to ensure absolute comfort. Taking cues from traditional styles with the iconic Vans side stripe and waffle sole, these trainers are proof that you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics in pursuit of comfort. JTo spark style inspiration, we asked three Australian designers to show us how they style their ComfyCush sneakers.

Josaia Bruinsma, stylist and model

For me, dressing comfortably just means I can go about my day confidently and worry-free. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Whether I’m wearing sweatpants or skinny jeans, at the end of the day, I’m dressing for myself and no one else. That’s why feeling comfortable in my outfit is one of the most important things to me.

When I feel comfortable, I’m more carefree and that’s what gives me confidence and power. Dressing comfortably is something that should come naturally – don’t force it, just wear what you feel like wearing.


Jonti Ridley, writer and content creator

As someone who is both neurodivergent and non-binary, comfortable clothing and access to accommodating fashions can make or break my daily life. Playing with form rather than function can often be exciting and liberating, but as I get older I find that my sensory issues require more adaptation for everyday life. Overextended arches and a significantly splayed right foot mean committing to a pair of shoes for the workday is one of the most anxiety-provoking parts of my mornings.

I was beyond thrilled to hear about the new ComfyCush line from Vans, transcending gender binaries in their classic Old Skool form and renewing their focus on reducing [the] the everyday wear and tear of being on your feet all day without compromise [on] style. The slightly elongated lip at the back of the sole also provides great leverage and makes them incredibly easy to quickly get out on set or to the front door after a long day. No exaggeration, I’ve worn them so often since they arrived – my old go-to sneakers are now quietly gathering dust while I try to justify stretching my spending budget just enough to add a second color to the mixed.


Sabrina Leina, stylist

Those who see me in my everyday life, whether on a set or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, know that I don’t particularly like the idea of ​​”comfortable attire.” It’s either my bathrobe at home or heels with a tracksuit at most. I think comfortable clothing is subjective – it’s what makes you feel liberated; your best self without masking.

I like the idea of ​​doing the job regardless of what you’re wearing or what you should be wearing. There is merit in either option, and it is a personal victory to debunk the initial doubts or judgments of people who think otherwise. Dress according to what makes you feel good on the inside, as well as what makes you feel capable.


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