These $20 Amazon Joggers Are My Favorite Sweatpants


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These days, when I say I have nothing to wear, I mean I’m out of sweatpants. As cliché as it may be, I’m not ashamed to admit that nothing got me through those tough times like my trusty comfy stockings. However, having entered the pandemic with just four pairs, I learned that over-lounging leads to over-washing, and for busy weeks I found myself having to give up my favorite clothes. On one particularly desperate night, a night when even the softest leggings weren’t enough, I finally decided to buy more sweatpants. Not wanting to overspend on clothes that may never leave my house, I picked up this simple pair from Amazon for $20.

Simple, soft and oh so comfy, Amazon Essential’s Studio Terry Relaxed-Fit Joggers are available in sixteen colors, including classics like black, gray and beige, as well as colorful options like olive, caramel and burgundy. Crafted from a viscose and cotton blend, these drawstring pants have a loose fit with pockets big enough to hold an iPhone. Additionally, machine washable joggers come in sizes ranging from XS to 7X.

After opening my package and pulling out my new sweatpants, I was immediately impressed with how soft they were. Inside and out, the material was perfectly comfortable, as I had hoped. When I tried them on, I was surprised to find that the silhouette, which tapers around the waist and ankles, actually looks super cute, especially when paired with Converse or chunky sneakers.

From the day they arrived, these joggers have been at the top of my sweatpants rotation. I wear them so often that I ended up buying a second pair, and I’m not alone in my obsession: nearly six thousand buyers have given these sweatpants full marks. “These jogger pants are incredibly flattering and comfortable,” wrote one satisfied customer. “I’ve lived in them since purchase… They’re so soft and lightweight, even in those hot Midwestern summers.” Another shopper wrote that they liked the fit of these sweatpants, noting that they weren’t “too baggy” and fit well around the ankles. “The material is really soft with no stacking issues,” they added. So, a message to my fellow proud sweatpant wearers: if you’re looking for an all-occasion addition to your loungewear collection (at least, according to this writer), hold onto that pricey pair and invest in those buoys. rescue at $20. Your future self will thank you.


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