TikTok and Fashion Agree: This Side Part Makes You Look Old


“PROVE ME THE CONTRARY, but I don’t think there is a single person who looks better with a side part than with a middle part, ”Glorianna Restrepo said in a viral TikTok video she posted in July 2020. Ms. Restrepo, a 24-year-old Connecticut photographer, continued in the clip to tout the middle part as “tasty, elegant” and “supreme.” Her voice, recorded as “Middle Part Baddies”, has become a popular soundtrack for other TikTok videos on the strangely sensational topic of middle parts versus middle parts. By TikTok logic, side parts and skinny jeans are for disconnected millennials, while center parts and looser “mom jeans” are for cool Gen Z kids. In playful and controversial videos, Millennials are defending their territory in skinny jeans, while Gen Z trendsetters laugh at them. These subtle differences in hair division and denim cut have become a must-have generational lightning rod.

The middle part seems to have won the battle, at least for now. As the fashion industry rears its brilliant head with a full roster of in-person shows in New York and Europe after several sleepy seasons of digital presentations, we see the insidious little ways our time at home has informed the trends. . There are the editors who ditched high heels after almost two years at Birkenstocks. A few sneaky elastic waistlines crept into the front row. And then there’s our collective reliance on TikTok and Instagram to tell us what’s in and out. Ms Restrepo, whose original mid-section video has nearly 100,000 likes, said: “I think the trend cycle, last year in particular, has gotten so out of hand because of social media.”


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