Tove, your favorite fledgling clothing brand, is now making sustainable denim


Young London label Tove, founded by former Topshop collaborators Holly Wright and Camille Perry, creates pieces that look like wardrobe classics. Think: delicate camisoles and reversible capes, cotton blouses with tied ties and elegant strappy dresses in zebra print. Fans of the timeless brand will therefore be delighted to learn that its founders have launched the most essential category of all: denim. It also has lasting credentials.

It was a natural evolution. “For the past three years, we’ve always wanted to wear Tove pieces with our jeans,” says Wright. But she could never find exactly the right pair, the perfect style that “looked effortless and casual but was actually flattering.” Perry agrees. “The effort was underway!”

The collection includes five styles of jeans and a shirt, all with a sustainable ethos. Tove designs with an eco-conscious attitude, incorporating organic cotton and natural fabrics like wool and silk. After extensive research, it teamed up with one of Italy’s most innovative factories to create jeans using a method that requires five liters of water per pair (compared to 10,000 liters on average). The Tove brand label on the waistband is plant-based and made from corn.

Relaxed American denim-inspired styles are crafted in a sleek dark wash and mid-blue stonewash, with every detail – from pocket sizing to hip placement – meticulously thought out. While Tove made the decision to cancel its first Spring/Summer 2023 show at London Fashion Week following the Queen’s passing, this denim is sure to please fans of the brand. “We want these jeans to be pieces that people come back to again and again,” says Perry.


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