US House candidate charged with insulting drunk children


OKLAHOMA CITY (NewsNation Now) — A drink turns into a wild night and someone ends up throwing up in the basket. It apparently happened to a congressional candidate from Oklahoma and in front of teenagers sleeping in.

Abby Broyles, who is running for Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district as a Democrat, was hanging out at a friend’s house drinking when she not only helped make the clothes in that hamper much dirtier, but also ended up by scolding and insulting teenage girls at that time. sleepover, swearing at them, making fun of their acne, and allegedly mocking a girl for being Hispanic.

When confronted on Twitter by an angry parent of one of the girls, she initially denied it, but that didn’t hold up when pictures of her at the slumber party emerged. appeared on social media.

“Apparently there was footage on TikTok that was saved where this contestant, her friend, all the kids seem to be having fun, and then all of a sudden it goes sideways,” NewsNation’s Keleigh Beeson said on “Dan Abrams Live”. ”

Broyles, 32, told NewsNation affiliate KFOR that she had an adverse reaction after drinking wine and taking sleeping pills given to her by a friend.

“Instead of helping me sleep, I hallucinated,” Broyles told the station in a TV interview. “And I don’t remember anything until I woke up or regained consciousness, and I was throwing up in a basket.”

The parents and at least one of the girls who were at the sleepover told online media outlet NonDoc, which reported for the first time the story, that Broyles used profanity and berated several of the 12- and 13-year-old girls at the party.

The parent of one of the girls, Sarah Matthews, tweeted last week that she was disappointed that Broyles hadn’t reached out to the girls to apologize.

“For someone who pontificates about being forever pro-woman, I’m disgusted by your behavior and find it appalling that you can’t understand why their parents are angry,” Matthews wrote.

Broyles, who initially denied to NonDoc attending the party, apologized last week during her interview with KFOR, a news channel for which she worked as a reporter.

“I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart, I apologize for any hurt, damage or trauma that my behavior, when I didn’t know what I was doing, caused,” Broyles said. “I am deeply sorry.”

It looks like Broyles is still pushing ahead with his campaign.

“There haven’t been any big calls for her to step down and she’s defending her behavior on Twitter, so by all accounts she seems to be full steam ahead,” Beeson said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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