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April 29, 2022

Walmart appears to have improved its public image a lot in recent years, but new research indicates consumers are still not big fans of shopping at the retail giant’s stores.

In the 2021 U.S. Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) study, Walmart finished last in retail, drug stores, supermarkets and online retailers, according to The street. It scored the lowest of any retailer in the supermarket category and finished well below average in all categories. It also fell year-over-year in all categories except retail, where it was flat. The retailer’s score in each category tied with the scores of unpopular cable and internet providers elsewhere in the survey. Walmart was significantly outperformed by Costco and Target.

Over the decades, Walmart developed a reputation in some neighborhoods as a suburban big-box retailer that replaced mom-and-pop grocers and delivered an impersonal, seedy, shoddy store experience with its broad appeal. – daily low prices.

The chain has been actively working to escape the negative perception of its customers and improve its in-store and online experiences.

In 2017, after a series of acquisitions of independent, direct-to-consumer brands like Modcloth and Bonobos, Walmart launched its Store No. 8 tech incubator, intended to develop high-end, high-tech offerings not typically associated with the Walmart shopping.

More recently, in 2020, Walmart launched its Walmart+ subscription service to try to improve customer experience and loyalty. Walmart+ is a membership benefits program analogous to Amazon Prime. The retailer this week announced a major expansion of gas discounts for Walmart+ members.

The chain is currently engaged in store renovations to make the shopping experience more enjoyable, though it continues to focus on helping Americans save more during times of inflation.

With environmental sustainability becoming a top concern for some shoppers, the chain launched a “Built For Better” product label last year to allow customers to identify products on the shelves that Walmart defines as more sustainable.

And with labor activism in the United States spreading at a rate not seen in decades, Walmart announced last year that it would raise the wages of 425,000 employees.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Why do you think customers who like Walmart’s low prices remain dissatisfied with the shopping experience? What do you think are the most important steps Walmart is taking or can take to improve its customer satisfaction score?


“The retailer has made tremendous progress in terms of merchandise, it’s time for stores to reflect these changes.”


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